Botany Department


Botany – Research

The department, being recognised as Research Centre since 1990, under University of Kerala, provides broad range of analytical and spectroscopic instruments with cutting-edge technology purchased under various sources including DIST-FIST programme. During 1990-2020, the department has produced 16 PhDs. Five research students are currently working for Ph.D. programmes under various subjects/disciplines.

Areas of Research

  • Taxonomy of marine and fresh water algae
  • Systematic studies of Angiosperms
  • Environmental studies
  • Plant tissue culture and related aspects
  • Reproductive Biology &Population genetics
  • Phytochemistry
  • Ethno botany & Ethnopharmacology

Research Guides

  • Dr. C Shaji
  • Dr. V. Devipriya
  • Dr. S Anil Kumar
  • Dr. S Sekharan
  • Dr. ChithraVijayan

Recent Ph D awardees

  • Nirmala Jeyarani (2020). Title : Molecular characterization and Phytochemical analyses of selected members of Jasminum L. from Kerala
  • Raji R Nair (2019). Title : Analysis of interspecific variations in the genus Leea Royen Ex. L. from Kerala
  • Dhanya C (2019) Title : Comparative systematics of two Solanaceous genera Brugmansia Pers. and Datura L
  • Smitha S Nair (2019). Title: Analysis of infraspecific variations in Jasminumsambac (L.) Ait.for diversity characterization
  • Sija S L (2018). Title: In situ production of Anacardic acid by plant Biotechnological techniques
  • RegyYohannan (2018). Title: A comprehensive systematic study of the genus Jasminum L from Kerala

Botany Department