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National Service Scheme (NSS)

Envisioned with the ideal of inculcating students with values of social and community-living, National Service Scheme (27 A&B) of Sree Narayana College, Kollam has been successfully conducting its programmes ever since its inception. With the avowed intention of benefitting the socio-cultural environment of its locale, the NSS programme actively fosters a spirit of social responsibility in the students through activities as varied as social service activities, cleaning initiatives, work camps, awareness classes, socio-economic surveys, and leadership camps. These activities are planned and conducted in such a manner that they are at once immediately beneficial to the social environment and enduringly productive in the formation of students as committed, empathetic social beings.

Students enrolled for the NSS programme are required to partake in a minimum of 240 hours of work over a period of two consecutive academic years and attend a seven-day special camp within this period. On completion of these requirements, the students become eligible for certificate from the University, which will also guarantee them weightage marks as per the University guidelines. Besides these academic rewards, the other substantial gain that the NSS programme offers to its volunteer students is a space to be social actors contributing to the well-being of their community, society and environment.

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