Student Support

categories of educational grants/concessions

The different categories of educational grants/concessions under this scheme are given below :

Award: For Degree students lump-sum grant Rs. 950. Stipend : Rs. 600/- per month for students who come from places beyond the distance of 8 km. and Rs.530 per month for students who live within 8 km. PG students – lump-sum grant Rs. 675, stipend as above. All students eligible for concession should apply in the prescribed forms with necessary documents within one month of their admission to the college.

Award : Full fee concession for Degree students. Full fee concession, lump-sum grant and stipend for P.G. Students.Income limit: Rs. 25,000/- per annum (Degree) Rs. 42,000/- per annum (P.G.) Applications are to be submitted within two months from the date of admission.

Award: Full fee concession for Degree and P.G. students.
Income limit: Rs. 25,000/- per annum (Degree). Rs. 42,000/- per annum (PG)

Award: Rs. 400- per annum – Subject to the date of enrollment.
Eligibility: Students of all classes belonging to fishermen community irrespective of income limit. The application forms are available at the office of the Regional Deputy Director of Fisheries, Kollam


Note: First year students can apply above State & Central scholarships through on-line (except University Merit Scholarship), if they fulfill the required conditions. The deserving students under PTA & ALUMINI scholarships are eligible to apply only in the 2nd/3year in college. Notification regarding the application process will be notified on the college/department notice board. For more details and for applying other scholarships, visit