(Multidisciplinary Annual Research Journal (peer reviewed) of Sree Narayana College, Kollam)

ISSN 0975-363 X (Started in 1996)

Chief EditorProf.(Dr.) S.V.Manoj , (Principal & Research Guide, Sree Narayana College, Kollam)

Associate EditorDr. Nikhil Chandra P., (Asst. Prof. of Chemistry, Sree Narayana College, Kollam)

Advisory Panel

Dr.S.K.Prathap, Former HoD, Department of English, Sree Narayana College, Kollam

Prof. (Dr.) V.L.Pushpa, Former HoD, Department of Chemistry, Sree Narayana College, Kollam

Prof.A.P.Thomas, Director, ACESSD, M.G. University, Kottayam

Prof.(Dr.) T.S.Anirudhan, Former Director, Department of Chemistry, University of Kerala, Trivandrum

Prof.(Dr.) Suresh R., Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Kerala, Trivandrum

Prof. (Dr.) M. R. Biju, Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy Studies, Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod

Prof. (Dr.) B. Vivekanandan, Former Chairman, CAWES, School of International Studies, J.N. University, New Delhi

Dr.Jubi John, Senior Scientist, CSTD, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum

Dr.Anoop Krishnan, Senior Scientist, NCESS, Akkulam, Trivandrum

Dr.T.P.D.Rajan, Senior Principal Scientist, MSTD, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum

Prof. (Dr.)Anithakumary T, Sahitya Faculty, Malayalam University, Tirur

Dr.K.Meera, Former HoD, Department of Hindi, SreeNarayana College, Kollam

Editorial Board

Prof.(Dr.) B.Hari (Department of Zoology)

Dr.K.Savitha (Department of History)

Prof.(Dr.) B.T Sulekha (Department of Zoology)

Prof.(Dr.) Laiju S. (Department of Psycology)

Dr.S.Sankar (Department of Physics)

Reviewers panel

 Mr.Vincent Vijayan & Dr.Rahi T.B. (Economics)

Dr.Indu R & Dr.Harilekshmi (English)

Dr.N.Shaji & Dr.Mahesh S. (Hindi)

Dr.Rajitha T & Dr.Aranya K. Sasi (History)

Dr. Jayan S & Dr.Nithya P Viswam (Malayalam)

Dr.Soumya R.V. & Dr.Laiju S. (Philosophy)

Dr.Archa Arun & Dr.Preetha G.S. (Politics)

Dr. Anjali B  & Dr.Bera R Uday (Sanskrit)

Dr.Vinod B.S & Smt.Greeshma Pallath (Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

Dr.Nisha A.P. & Dr.Latha S. (Botany)

Prof.(Dr.) Jisha S & Dr.S.Sheeba (Zoology)

Dr.M.S.Roxy & Dr.Parvathy S. Biju (Physics)

Dr.Remadevi B & Dr.Rijith S (Chemistry)

Dr.Akhila R & Ms.Kuleena Das (Mathematics)

Dr.A. Rajasekharan & Dr.Archa S.S (Commerce)


Author guidelines

         Holistic Thought is a non-profitable peer reviewed multidisciplinary research journal published yearly by Sree Narayana College, Kollam and is devoted to all aspects of findings and research associated with multidisciplinary concept which covers areas of science, language, literature, art, history and culture. Original articles will be published either as papers or reviews after review process. Manuscripts must be formatted as follows: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Text, References. The corresponding author should be indicated and his/her contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mail address should be provided. Please read these guidelines before preparing a manuscript and for further details, please contact the through  [email protected] 

Regular article: Original reports of high-quality research with conclusions representing a significant advance in the field. Because each journal page is roughly corresponding to 700 words, one article should be not more than 7000 words including figures/tables. The number of words taken by figures/tables must be deducted from the 7000-word limit. The number of words taken by each figure/table can be approximately estimated by the relative area of the figure/table to that of a journal page; the number of figures and tables should not exceed 12. Authors are expected to revise the manuscripts according to the suggestions, if any, of the editors/ peer-reviewers. Contributors should be very careful in sticking to the code of ethics related to the in-text citations (references) while they preparing the article. Plagiarism is a criminal offence and it will be reported, if found, to the authorities of law and order.