Biotechnology Lab

State-of-art laboratories and teaching facilities are provided in the Department of Biotechnology so that the students have a hands-on experience in all aspects of biotechnology. A spacious laboratory, equipped with the latest instruments and apparatus including stereo microscopes, incubator shaker, UV- Vis spectrophotometer, laminar air flow, deep freezer, ultra- centrifuge, multiple electrophoresis units, BOD incubator and autoclave facility to smoothly carry out microbiological, biochemical and molecular biological experiments for undergraduates and postgraduates. Small scale fermentation of grapes is annually done by the undergraduates using these facilities. Small scale micropropagation and plant metabolite production are done by the postgraduates using plant tissue culture techniques. Annual final semester projects are being done in diverse fields including microbiology, industrial biotechnology, enzymology, food biotechnology, plant biotechnology and biochemistry using the laboratory facilities.