Biochemistry Department


Biochemistry Department

Biochemistry as a complementary subject started at Sree Narayana College, Kollam in the academic year 1976-77. In the initial years the department offered complementary course for Botany, Zoology under graduate students. As of now Sree Narayana College is among one of the two colleges in University of Kerala, where students have the option to take Biochemistry/Chemistry as complementary for Botany and Zoology. Later on, when Biotechnology course was introduced in the college during 1998-99, the department offered complementary Biochemistry to Biotechnology students also. The department also offers two certificate courses viz: Life Style Diseases and their Management and Certificate course in Oils and Fats from Plants- Future Prospects

The pioneer of the department was Prof. A. Suresh Babu. He held important positions in various academic bodies of University of Kerala. His period of service was from Oct 1976-Mar 2007

Programs / Courses Offered

About the Course

Biochemistry is the study of biological phenomena at the molecular level. Its aim is to understand the fundamental chemical principles that govern complex biological systems. The major focuses include the basics in Biophysical Chemistry, Biomolecules, Enzymes and Bioenergetics, Intermediary Metabolism for Botany and Zoology graduates, while for biotechnology students the major thrust areas include Physical aspects of Biochemistry, Biomolecules, Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism

The primary objectives of the course are:-

1) to give students a solid foundation in biological chemistry.
2) to develop analytical and critical-thinking skills that allow independent exploration of biological phenomena through the scientific method.
3) to introduce students to modern methods of biochemical experimentation within the disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology.

As the biotechnology industry continues to grow and become an essential part of our socio-economic, scientific and industrial progress, jobs will be available through a variety of sectors, since biochemistry is an integral part of Biotechnology. Fields requiring skills in biochemistry include, but are not limited to, bio pharmaceutics, bioinformatics, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, functional genomics, environmental monitoring, industrial safety, DNA vaccines, bio-remediation, high throughput chemistry, and other related fields. Having good skills in any of these areas can put students in a position sought in various sectors.
Department is committed to create a genuine interest among students in studying and pursuing research in the field of Biochemistry
To create a platform for Biochemistry research in Sree Narayana College especially in the field of drug development as the faculties have the expertise in this area.

Biochemistry Department