Vision & Mission

Sree Narayana College, Kollam, established in the year 1948 is a pioneering centre of excellence in the field of higher education. The libertarian, universal and philosophic preaching’s of Sree Narayana Guru has acted as a guiding spirit in shaping and redefining the visionary stance of the college. At a time when caste divisions and social inequality was at its zenith, Guru’s call for liberation through education, proved to be successful enough in ushering in a timeless shift. It is this awakening amongst the downtrodden and especially the visionary zeal exhorted by the Founder and Former Chief minister of Kerala, Sri R. Sankar, which resulted in the establishment of the college. The past glorious times stands testimony to this universal vision of the college, for it had stood with the underprivileged and the marginalized sections of the society in the act of ushering in enlightenment. The vision of the college is nowhere better exemplified than in its motto- “One Caste, One religion, One God for man.”

The mission of the college draws itself from the visionary zeal imparted by Sree Narayana Guru and the farsighted vision of the founder manager, Sri. R Sankar. The establishment of the college in 1948 had evolved out of the social reformative movement led by Sree Narayana Guru, who believed that education can liberate human beings from the shackles of social inequalities and insecurities.  The college derives its missionary zeal from the universally inspiring thoughts of Guru and thus takes it a mission to offer quality education, especially to those hailing from the backward and marginal sections of the society. By spreading the light of Guru’s libertarian, democratic and humanitarian spirits upon the student community, the college aims to bring far reaching impacts upon the socio political and cultural spheres of the society. Furthermore, the awe-inspiring ideals of Sri. R Sankar, too proved to have shaped the missionary zeal of the college; for he was a commendable personality who put forth extra ordinary vigor in fighting against the odds and proving the society that even the unachievable heights can be scaled and success attained! In the contemporary scenario of globalization, fast paced communication networks and newly emerging new world order, the college envisages a mission of imparting excellence and competence, thus creating an empowered generation capable of facing all shades of challenges. The key ideals governing the mission of the college is listed below:

  • To institutionalize Guru’s philosophy: One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man
  • To instill the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in young minds
  • To bring about an overall development of the students as a whole, especially those who hail from backward sections
  • To provide value and need based education to all
  • To create socially, culturally, intellectually and economically productive and environmentally conscious citizens
  • To impart quality education for our nationus socio-economic, cultural, political, moral, intellectual and emotional development
  • To achieve excellence in higher education and progressively respond to changing social realities
  • To bring out generations of youth empowered with high competence to address all global requirements
  • To contribute to the moral and ethical enrichment of the society
  • To enlighten generations in all disciplines and to make them masters in the emerging areas