RMC continuously monitors the research activities conducted especially the faculty and students in the college. Besides, it helps in the initiation of research and in the building of self motivation, a vital component in the sustenance of the research-oriented spirits.

Co-ordinator: Dr Nikhil Chandra P (Chemistry)


Dr. N. Shaji (Hindi)

Dr Harilekshmi VS (English)

Dr Sreeja Mole S ( Economics)

Dr B Hari (Zoology)

Dr. Vidya S. (Physics)

Dr. Nisha A.P. (Botany)

Dr Archa Arun . (Political Science)

Dr Rijith S. (Chemistry)

Dr Sreeja Priyadersini S (Sanskrit)

Dr Ambili S (Biochemistry)

Holistic Thought is a multi-disciplinary journal managed by the college, so as to provide a platform to present research-oriented findings from varied discourses. The journal boasts of a reputed panel of reviewers from institutes of national repute. An active panel of faculty from each department of the college aids in spreading the word of the journal and in collecting valuable research writings from research enthusiasts.

Managing Editor:

Dr. S.V. Manoj (Principal)

Associate Editor

Dr. Nikhil Chandra P (Chemistry)

Editorial Board

Dr.B.Hari (Department of Zoology)

Dr.K.Savitha (Department of History)

Dr.B.T.Sulekha (Department of Zoology)

Dr. Laiju S. (Department of Psycology)

Dr.S.Sankar (Department of Physics)

Reviewers panel

Dr. Sreeja Mole S. & Dr.Rahi T.B. (Economics)

Dr.Indu R & Dr.Harilekshmi (English)

Dr.N.Shaji & Dr.Mahesh S. (Hindi)

Dr.Rajitha T & Dr.Aranya K. Sasi (History)

Dr.S.Jayan (Malayalam)

Dr.Soumya R.V. & Dr.Laiju S. (Philosophy)

Dr.Archa Arun & Dr.Preetha G.S. (Politics)

Dr. Sreejapriyadersini S & Dr.Bera R Uday (Sanskrit)

Dr.Vinod B.S & Smt.Greeshma Pallath (Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

Dr.Nisha A.P. & Dr.Latha S. (Botany)

Dr.Hari B & Dr.S.Sheeba (Zoology)

Dr.M.S.Roxy & Dr.Parvathy S. Biju (Physics)

Dr.Remadevi B & Dr.Rijith S (Chemistry)

Dr.Akhila R & Ms.Kuleena Das (Mathematics)

Dr.A. Rajasekharan & Dr.Anuji S. (Commerce)

Discipline accounts paramount importance in an educational institution; in order to safe guard the disciplinary interests of the college, the committee aims to the construction of self inculcation of discipline rather than imposed restrictions.

Co-ordinator: Dr.Girish Gopalakrishnan (Physical Edn)


Dr. B. Hari (Zoology)

Dr. S. Laiju (Psychology)

Smt. Indu R. (English)

Sri. Midhun A.T. (Mathematics)

Dr. Bindhukala P. N. (Hindi)

Smt. Arya P. (Economics)

Dr. S. Jayan (Malayalam)

Dr. Ambili S. (Biochemistry)

Dr. Anuji S. (Commerce)

Smt. Jayanthy S. ( History)

Smt. Greeshma P (Biotechnology)

Dr. Chithra Vijayan (Botany)

Dr. Soumya R.V. ( Philosophy)

Smt. Radhika R. (Journalism)

Smt. L.R. Asitha (Physics)

Sri. Vishnu Raj R. (Physical Education)

Dr. Anjaly B. (Sanskrit)

(Sr.Supdt. )

Chairman, College Union

A committee consisting of the Head of the Department and all teachers of the Department. They shall monitor the conduct of Courses and evaluation under CE. This committee shall examine the complaints, if any, from aggrieved students regarding the evaluation. The Head of the Department shall be the Chairperson and a teacher selected by the DLMC from among the members shall be Convener.


Dr.Preetha PS- Botany

Dr.Sree remya TS- Chemistry

Dr.Smitha Prakash- Malayalam

Dr.Sheeba S- Zoology

Smt. Kuleena Das- Mathematics

Smt. Radhika B- English

Dr.Preetha G.S- Political Science

Dr.Pavana CG- Hindi

Dr.Jayan S- Malayalam

Smt.Harilekshmi-  English

Smt. Greeshma P- Biotechnology

Smt. Asitha LR- Physics

Smt. Arya P – Economics

Dr.Anuji S- Commerce

The CLMC shall consist of the Principal, the Heads of the Departments and the elected representatives of teachers in College Council. The Principal shall be the Chairperson and a member selected by the CLMC from among the Heads of the Departments shall be the Convener. This Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the First Degree Programmes, ensuring minimum instructional days, making arrangements for ESE (University Examinations) of various semesters, etc. This Committee shall consider all the complaints not redressed by the DLMCs. While considering the complaints, by the CLMC, the College Union Chairperson shall be included as an invitee. The College Level Monitoring Committee shall be reconstituted by the Principal immediately on commencement of each academic year. The CLMC consists of the following members.

Chairperson: Dr. S.V.Manoj (Principal)


Dr. P. G. Sasikala( Hindi)

Dr. Sreeja Priyadersini S. (Sanskrit)

Dr. M.S. Suchithra (Malayalam)

Dr. A. Rajasekaran (Commerce)

Dr. B.T. Sulekha (Zoology)

Dr. Nisha A.P. (Botany)

Dr. Archa Arun (Political Science)

Dr. Savitha K. (History)

Dr. Soumya R.V. (Philosophy)

Smt. Sreeja N. (Staff Representative)

Sri. Baiju V. (Staff Representative)

Dr. N. Ratheesh (Staff Representative)

Time Table and class schedule committee is pivotal in the fine execution and run of the day to day academic sessions in class rooms. The committee keeps as sustained contact with the HODs of the various departments and ensures a fair and liberal class room time table, taking into consideration the perspectives offered by teachers and students alike

Co-ordinator:  Sri. Vivek P.V.  (Mathematics)


Smt. Aswathy S. (Mathematics)

Smt. Usha (Malayalam)

Dr Sree Remya TS. (Chemistry)

The committee is in charge of the conduct of enquiries and possible redressals, if any, with regard to complaints pertaining to varied forms of violations. The committee is involved  in spreading awareness in the creation and sustenance of an amicable and peaceful academic environs within the campus.

Co-ordinator: Dr. K. Savitha (History)


Dr. P.G. Sasikala (Hindi)

Dr. Sheeja VU  (Zoology)

Dr. Dedhila Devadathan (Physics)

Sri. Abhilash S. (Chemistry)

Dr Simu Rajendran (Commerce)

Entrepreneurship development committee acts as the right channel to facilitate and nurture the entrepreneurship skills amongst the student community. The committee takes collaborative initiatives both with private and governmental agencies to conduct programmes and workshops to boost the essential entrepreneurial skills.

Co-ordinator: Smt. Praseeja P.J. (Commerce)


Smt. Manju Rajan . (Economics)

Dr. Dhanya R. (Commerce)

Smt. Aarcha S.S. (Commerce)

Dr. Simu Rajendran (Commerce)

Ethics committee is concerned with the propagation of ethical and essential values vital to the functioning of the college. Imbibing the universal democratic values and as well as the philosophic preaching’s of Sree Narayana Guru, the committee aims to impart ethical values to students, faculty members and staff associated with our institution.

Co-ordinator:  Smt. Minnu S (Political Science)


Smt Rakhi R (Malayalam)

Dr K Savitha  (History)

Adv. T.A. Suresh (Commerce)

Ward Councillor Kollam Corporation

The committee publishes college hand book and calendar for each academic year.

Co-ordinator:  Dr. S. Laiju (Psychology)


Smt. Indu R. (English)

Sri. Arun Prasad R. (English)

Sri Midhun S. (Mathematics)

The committee advises and recommends on all matters relating to the organization and services of the college library.

Chairman:  Dr SV Manoj (Principal)

Secretary: Dr Saiju (Librarian)


Coordinator, IQAC

Dr Archa Arun             Political Science

Sri Adheesh U                 Malayalam

Sri Srijith S                     Physics

Dr P Nikhil Chandra         Chemistry

Dr Rajitha T                    History

Dr Anjaly B                     Sanskrit

Dr Ambili S                     Biochemistry

III Semester BA Economics

(Students Representative)

CBCSS Monitoring Committee is concerned with the timely execution of the academic calendar put forth by the University. It instructs and informs the various departments with regard to the initiation of a semester, the conduct of internal examinations, tabulation of internal marks and timely upload of the internal marks to the university website. It is also concerned with the sustenance of the quality maintained by the institution with regard to teaching and learning.

Convenor:  Sri. Vincent Vijayan (Economics)


Smt. Aswathy Mohan . (English)

Sri Pradeep. (Political Science)

Smt. Jeneena K.B. (Chemistry)

Smt. Aranya K Sasi. (History)

Smt. Saranya Babu. (Physics)

Dr Ponni TG  (Botany)

The faculty advisor is the single point contact for all the students in a class when they need academic mentoring

Co-ordinator:  Dr. Rema Devi B. (Chemistry)


Dr Surya EV (Hindi)

Smt. Deepa B (English)

Smt. Rakhi R. (Malayalam)

Dr S Jayan (Eng & Malayalam)

Dr. Anjaly B. (Sanskrit)

Smt. Manju Rajan . (Economics)

Dr Divya S . (History)

Dr Thushara CS (Philosophy)

Smt. Minnu S. (Political Science)

Dr Harilekshmi VS (Journalism)

Dr Mithun AT (Mathematics)

Smt. Asitha LR ( Physics)

Sri. S. Srijith (PCA)

Dr Latha Sadanandan. (Botany)

Smt. Greeshma P (Biotechnology)

Dr Divya T Dharan (Zoology)

Dr Anuji S (Commerce)

Social Services and Extension activities are mandatory for all students in 3rd & 4th semester with a minimum attendance of 20 hours in each semester. The College offers the following Social Services and Extension activities.

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C)

National Service Scheme (N.S.S)

Nature Club

Sports Club

Health Education

Womens’ Studies Unit

Literary Club

Debate Club

Media Club

Science Club

Planning Forum

Anti Ragging Cell

Biodiversity Club

Co ordinator: Smt. Geethu R. Prasad (English)

Monitoring and periodic updating of the college website is entrusted with the website management committee

Co-ordinator: Dr.Vinod B.S, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry

All information pertaining to website may be addressed to [email protected]

This committee provides essential software and hardware and other required ICT tools to all departments for their smooth functioning. They are also involved in maintenance of all existing ICT tools. Provide Internet connectivity to all stakeholders. Generate purchase requirement/recommendation for new ICT software and Hardware.

Dr Vidya S . (Physics)

Sri. S. Srijith (Physics)

Dr Biju MS (Malayalam)

Dr Jisha S. (Zoology)

Dr Chithra Vijayan (Botany)

Purchase committee  identify, co-ordinate, monitor all purchase related activities linked to academic, administrative and research purposes

Dr SV Manoj (Principal)


Dr. B. Hari (Zoology)    Member

Dr Archa Arun . (Political Science)  Member

Smt. Veena Vipin  (Physics) Member

Dr Misha V (Commerce)  Member

Public Financial Management System (PFMS) was established as a web based online transaction system for fund management and e-payment to implementing agencies and beneficiaries. The primary objective is to link with the financial networks of central and the state governments and the agencies of state governments. The PFMS system is linked to the core banking systems of banks, to get real time reporting of banking transactions and for making e – payment of subsidiary under direct benefit transfer to bank accounts through NPCI.

Co-ordinator: Sri. S. Srijith (Physics)


Smt. Anisha U. (Commerce)

Smt. Misha V. (Commerce)

Dr. Vinod B.S. (Biochemistry)

Dr. Kiranraj M.S. (Botany)