Multi Gym

Fitness Center/ Gymnasium

  Multi-use fitness facility

The Fitness Center is the main fitness hub on campus, and it is attached with Department of Physical Education. The Fitness Center was made possible by the generous donation from Management and PTA of Sree Narayana College, Kollam in 1996. Now this year 2022, it was renovated to an international quality.

Located on the corner of North, the Fitness Center includes a strength area, cardio floor, variety resistance exercises stations for various sports and specially Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Best Physique practice facility.

To gain access to the facility, you must be a Recreational Sports & Fitness member or a current Sree Narayana College Student member, Staff and Alumni.

Features & Amenities:
 Free Weights & Racks.
 Selector zed Equipment for various muscle groups.
 Cardio equipment’s.
 Changing rooms.
 First-Aid room.
 Stock room.
 Toilet.
 Shower room.