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Psychology Department

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Psychology as a Subsidiary subject of BA Philosophy started at Sree Narayana College, Kollam in the academic year 1979-80. At present, the Department offers Minor subject in Psychology for Four Year Under Graduate Programme (FYUGP). This course helps students develop a scientific understanding of human behavior. Studying Psychology helps individuals overcome challenges and improve their mental well-being and happiness.

Students looking for Post-graduation in psychology can choose Psychology as a Minor Subject in Four Year Under Graduate Programme (FYUGP) along with their Major Subject. The student has to attain a minimum 24 credits to opt Psychology as their Post Graduation Subject.

Career Prospects for Psychology Post-Graduates

With increasing mental health awareness, there’s a rising demand for psychology professionals in education, research, clinical, and corporate settings. The following are the important areas where the Psychology Professionals’ service is utilized.

Academic and Research Field
Clinical Psychologist
Counselling Psychologist
Rehabilitation Psychologist
Educational Psychologist
School Counselor
Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Sports Psychologist
Defence Field

Psychology Department