Botany Department


Dr Kiranraj M S

[email protected]
+91 9847070800


  • Assistant Professor



Edu. Qualifications

  • M.Sc. in Botany
  • PhD in Botany
  • CSIR-SRF in Life Science

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

  • Plant Systematics
  • Angiosperm taxonomy
  • Phytogeography
  • Agrostology

Courses/Subject Taught

  • BSc & MSc in Botany

Field of Research

  • Grass Systematics

Research Experience

  • (1998 -2000) Junior Research Fellow, Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute (JNTBGRI), Thiruvananthapuram
  • (2001 – 2003 ) CSIR-Senior Research Fellow Post Graduate & Research Department of Botany, University of Calicut, Kerala
  • (2004 – 2010) Research Associate Post Graduate & Research Department of Botany, University of Calicut, Kerala

Teaching Experience

  • UG & PG Botany (2011 onwards) & UG Biotech (2016 onwards)

Research Projects undertaken

  • Principal Investigator (2013 – 2015), UGC-Minor Research Project (Amount: Rs. 2,00,000)
  • Principal Investigator (2017), KSCSTE Student Project scheme (Amount: Rs. 11,000)


  • Sponsored Member, American Society for Plant Taxonomy (ASPT) from 2018 onwards
  • Fellow of the Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (FIAAT) from 2006 onwards
  • Plant Systematics Research Grant Award, instituted by the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT), Vienna, Austria in 2007
  • Young Scientist Award – at the XII Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT) National Conference, Goa, India in 2002
  • Young Teacher Talent Award, instituted by Sree Narayana College, Cherthala in 2014 (Golden Jubilee Year of the College)
  • Technical Support Group Member, Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) from 2018 onwards

Memberships in learned Bodies/Societies

  • Member, Society of Herbarium Curartors (SHC), USA
  • Member, American Society for Plant Taxonomy (ASPT), USA
  • Life member, Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT), India
  • Life member, Malabar Natural History Society (MNHS), India
  • Founder Treasurer & Life member, Centre for Research in Indigenous Knowledge Science and Culture (CRIKSC), India
  • Student member, International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT), Vienna in 2007

Extension Activities

  • Officer-in-charge, Plant Identification and Botanical Information Service (BIS)
  • Curator, Sree Narayana College Herbarium (SNCH)
  • Advisory Committee Member, SAMAGRA, CRIKSC JOURNAL (2006 onwards)
  • Reviewer, peer-reviewed journals in Plant Taxonomy (2007 onwards)
  • Chief Editor, GRASSNEST, the official weblog of Centre for Grass Systematics and Research (URL: An On-line outreach project, recognised by the United Nations-Convention on Biological Diversity (UN-CBD) and enlisted as one of the Multimedia Resource Page of UN ‘Decade on Biodiversity: 2011-2020’)
  • Author, Hortus Keralae, an on-line outreach public telegram channel, which helps to identify the flowering plants of Kerala (
  • Author of 6 E-content platforms for UG & PG courses, as a part of the ‘Lockdown learning’ programme of the Department of Botany, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic period (April 2020 onwards):- 1. Mycologica ((Discussion forum for 1st year PG Botany)  2. Taxonomica (Discussion forum for final year PG Botany) 3. Botanicorum (Discussion forum for first-year UG Botany) 4. Plantarum (Discussion forum for UG Biotech) 5. Chlorobionta (Discussion forum for final year UG Botany) 6. Data Scientia (telegram channel on Methodology of science & Research integrity)
  • Acted as TSG member of Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) & conducted Biodiversity Survey and Assessment studies at various places of Kollam District, since 2019

Resource talks

  • Keynote address in One-day seminar on Seminar on Plant diversity and groundwater organised by Dept of Botany, KMMDB college, Sasthamkotta in August 2017
  • Keynote address in Inauguration of Botany Association at FMN College, Kollam in February 2017

Books/E-handbooks published

  • Laboratory Manual for BSc Botany programme under the University of Kerala (Vol. 1) 2023
  • E-handbook on State/Central/University Scholarships (continuously updated since 2020)
  • E-handbook on Career prospectus in Plant Science (continuously updated since 2021)

Papers Published

International Journals

  • Kiran Raj, M.S., M.. Sivadasan, P. Dileep and A.H. Alfarhan. 2016. A new subspecies of Dimeria hohenackerii Hochst. ex Miq. (Poaceae) from India. Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy 23(1): 27-31. [JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 0.696]
  • Kiran Raj, M. S., Sivadasan, M., Veldkamp, J.F., Alfarhan, A.H. & A.S.M. Amal Tamimi 2015. A revised Infrageneric classification of Dimeria R. Br. (Poaceae-Andropogoneae). Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy 22(1): 47-54. [JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 0.696]
  • Kiran Raj, M.S., Sivadasan, M., Alfarhan, A.H. and Veldkamp, J.F. 2015. Dimeria raviana (Poaceae: Panicoideae),  a new species from South Western Ghats, India. Phytotaxa 195: 193−196. [JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 1.376]
  • Kiran Raj, M.S., M.Sivadasan, J. F. Veldkamp, A. H. Alfarhan, & Jacob Thomas. 2013. Nanooravia gen. nov., of subtribe Dimeriinae (Poaceae-Panicoideae-Andropogoneae) from India. Nordic Journal of Botany 31: 161-165. DOI: 10.1111/j.1756-1051.2012.01207.x [JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 0.994]
  • Kiran Raj, M.S., M.Sivadasan, J. F. Veldkamp, A. H. Alfarhan, & Jacob Thomas. 2013. Validation of Nanooravia santapaui (Poaceae-Panicoideae-Andropogoneae-Dimeriinae) Nordic Journal of Botany 31: 638. DOI: 10.1111/j.1756-1051.2012.00358.x [JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 0.994]
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. 2010. Global biodiversity crisis and priorities in Indian plant systematics. Curr. Sci. 99(11): 149. [JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 0.782]
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan. 2008. A new species of Dimeria R. Br. (Poaceae, Panicoideae, Andropogoneae) from Goa, India. Novon 18: 183-186. (JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR: 0.663)
  • Mohanan, N. Ravi, M.S. Kiran Raj & T. Shaju. 2001. A new species of Memecylon (Melastomaceae), from India. Nordic Journal of Botany 21(5): 493-496. (JOURNAL IMAPCT FACTOR: 0.882)
  • Ravi, N., N. Mohanan, T. Shaju, M.S. Kiran Raj & R. Rajesh. 2001. Three more new species of Ischaemum L. (Poaceae) from Kerala, India. Botanical Studies 42: 223-230. (JOURNAL IMAPCT FACTOR: 0.534)

National Journals

  • Seema G., M.S. Kiran Raj, N. Mohanan & N. Omana Kumary. 2004. Ischaemum impressum Hack. (Poaceae) – an addition to the flora of Kerala State. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 28 (3): 549-551. (ISSN 0250-9768)
  • Ravi, N., M.S. Kiran Raj, N. Mohanan & L. Shaji. 2004. Melinis minutiflora P. Beauv. (Poaceae), an interesting new record for Peninsular India. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 28(1): 81-83. (ISSN 0250-9768)
  • Ravi, N., N. Mohanan & M.S. Kiran Raj. 2001. Three new species of Poaceae from South India. Rheedea 11(2): 87-96. (ISSN 0971-2313)
  • Ravi, N., N. Mohanan, M.S. Kiran Raj, T. Shaju & R. Rajesh. 2000. Two new species of Poaceae from Kerala, India. Rheedea 10(2): 91-98.
  • Ravi, N., N. Mohanan, M.S. Kiran Raj, T. Shaju & R. Rajesh. 2000. Another new species of Ischaemum L. from Kerala, India. Rheedea 10(1): 49-53. (ISSN 0971-2313)
  • Ravi, N, N. Mohanan, T. Shaju, M.S. Kiran Raj & R. Rajesh. 1998. Three new species of Ischaemum L. (Poaceae) from Kerala, India. Rheedea 8(2): 149-158. (ISSN 0971-2313)
  • Mohanan, N., M.S. Kiran Raj, T. Shaju, N. Ravi. 1999. Rediscovery of Poeciloneuron pauciflorum Bedd. (Bonnetiaceae), a little-known endemic species ‘presumed to be extinct’, from the Western Ghats. Ann. Forestry 7(1): 87-89.
  • Ravi, N., N. Mohanan, M.S. Kiran Raj, & T. Shaju. 2001. Gamotia micrantha var. micrantha, a new record for India. Jour. Eco. Tax. Bot. 24(2): 297-299. (ISSN 0250-9768)
  • Mohanan, N., R. Jayakumar, T. Shaju & M.S. Kiran Raj. 2000. On the rediscovery of Nothopegia aero-fulva Bedd. (Anacardiaceae), a rare and narrow endemic species of Western Ghats. Jour. Econ. Tax. Bot. 24(1): 78-80

Science Magazines/College journals

  • Kiran Raj, M.S. 2011. Grasses, the energy source of the future. Science India 14(5): 15-17 (ISSN 0972-828 ) –National
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. 2010. Biodiversity in Brief. Science India 13(6): 33-34. (ISSN 0972-8287) – National
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & Radhika Raj. 2010. A beauty contest among flowers. Science India 13(4): 4-8 (ISSN 0972-8287) – Cover page Article
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. 2010. Buddha’s Peacock revisited in Malabar. ATROPOS 41: 55-56 (ISSN 1478-8128) – International
  • Kiranraj, M.S. 2011. Cymbopogons – the mosquito repellent aromatic grasses. SPECTRUM 4: 57-60 – College journal

Book Chapter

  • Kiran Raj, M.S., M. Sivadasan, N. Ravi. 2003. Grass diversity of Kerala – endemism and its phytogeographical significance. In: M. K Janardhanam & D. Narasimhan (Eds.). Plant diversity, human welfare and conservation. Goa University, Goa. 8-30 pp.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. M. Sivadasan, N.Ravi. 2008. Peninsular India: the centre of diversity of andropogonoid grasses. In: B. Simon (ed.), 4th International Conference: The Comparative Biology of the Monocotyledons & 5th International Symposium: Grass Systematics and Evolution. Monocot IV. Coppenhagen. 81-82 pp.


  • N. Mohanan, N. Ravi, T. Shaju, M.S. Kiran Raj & R. Rajesh. 1998. Endemic crop relatives restricted to ‘Hot spot’ Agasthyamala, Western Ghats. International Conference on Conservation of Tropical Communities & Ecosystems. 2-6 December. Techno Park, Thiruvananthapuram. 94p.
  • N. Ravi., M.S. Kiran Raj & M. Sivadasan. 2002. Grass diversity of Kerala – Endemism and its Phytogeographical significance. – National Seminar on Plant Taxonomy in Nation Development. September 26-27. Goa University, Goa. 91p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan. 2003. Grass genetic resources of Kerala (in Malayalam). – Swadeshi Science Symposium on Crop Diversity and tribal empowerment. November 6-8. M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Wayanad. 105 p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan. 2004. Re-investigation of the subtribe Dimeriinae (Poaceae – Andropogoneae). – National Seminar on New Frontiers in Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity Conservation. December 29-31. Tropical Botanic Garden Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram. 78-79 p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S., V. A. Jaleel & M. Sivadasan 2005. A synoptic account of endemic aroids of Peninsular India. – National Seminar on Emerging trends in Plant Taxonomy. October 20-21. Nagpur University, Madhyapradesh 117p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan 2006. Grass genetic Resources of Southern Western Ghats, India. – National Conference on Forest Biodiversity Resources: Exploitation, Conservation and Management. March 21-22. Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. 54p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan. 2006. Dimeria Sect. Annulares (Poaceae) in India. – International Seminar on Present Trends and Future Prospects of Angiosperm Taxonomy. October 4-6. Agarkhar Research Institute, Pune. 52-53p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan. 2007. Wetland grasses of Kerala: Significance and functions. – International Seminar on Changing Scenario in Angiosperm Systematics. November 19-21. Kolhapur University, Maharashtra. 72-73.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & M. Sivadasan. 2007. Aromatic and medicinal grasses of Western Ghats, India. – National Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. December 10-12. Gulbarga University, Karnataka. 32p.
  • Kiran Raj, M.S. & Praveen Bose 2012. Taxonomic studies on Family Elaeocarpaceae of Kerala. National Seminar on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. March 10-12. S. N. College, Punalur, 143p. (Abstract).

Popular Articles

  • Kiranraj, M.S. 2003. Grasses of Kakkayam Forest. Malabar Tragon 2(2): 9.
  • Kiranraj, M.S. 2008. Unveiling Vedic code. Global Ayurveda 20: 42.

Orientation / Refresher/ Short term/FDP Courses Attended

  • HRDC, University of Kerala (03-23 March 2020)- OP
  • HRDC, Ranchi University (25/11 – 1/12/2020) – STC
  • Ramanujan College, University of Delhi (21/12 – 28/12/2020)-FDP

Seminars/Workshops /Training Organised

  • Organised a One-day Workshop and hands-on training programme on PFMS, supported by IQAC, SNC Kollam & PFMS-SPMU, Kerala on 21.08.2019
  • Organized a One-day seminar on ‘Current trends in Plant Science Research: Perspectives & Priorities’, under the auspices of AGORA annual seminar series, supported by College PTA, Sree Narayana College Kollam on 26th February 2020
  • Organised Awareness classes on Scholarships for Faculty members in 2018, 2019 & 2020

Workshops/Training Attended

  • Two weeks Training programme on Methods and approaches in Plant Taxonomy, sponsored by DST, New Delhi, held at National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow in November 1999.
  • One day National Workshop on Bioinformatics: Principles, Algorithms & Tools, sponsored by Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute (TBGRI) & Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT), held at Thiruvananthapuram in June 2002.
  • One week National Workshop on Biosystematics and Conservation of Plant Biodiversity sponsored by MoEF, New Delhi, held at Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems (CEMDE), Delhi University, Delhi in January 2003.
  • Three days UGC sponsored Training in Botanical Illustrations organized by Department of Botany, University of Calicut in March 2008.
  • One-day workshop on Academic publishing and writing organized & sponsored by Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC), Thiruvananthapuram in February 2014.
  • One-day workshop on RUSA-PFMS at College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram on 23 February 2019
  • One day workshop on UGC-PFMS training and settlement at St. joseph college, Irijakkuda on 4th June 2019
  • One-day workshop on Floriculture and flower arrangement: Principles & Practices, organised by the Department of Botany, S N College, Kollam on 7 January 2020
  • One-day training workshop on Mushroom cultivation organised by Dept of Botany, SN College Kollam on 11 February 2020
  • ….list incomplete)

Academic Responsibilities Undertaken (Curricular activities)

  • Chairman, 3rd sem BSc Botany & Biotech Degree Examination April 2019
  • Deputy Charman, BSc Botany & Biotech Degree Examinations, since 2019
  • Deputy Chairman, 3rd semester MSc Botany Degree University Examinations Jan 2020
  • Additional/External Examiner in BSc Degree & MSc Degree Botany Theory & Practical Examinations since 2016
  • Member, Board of Studies for Question paper setting, SB College, Changanassery (Autonomous) in April 2017
  • Subject Expert, Interview Board of guest lecturers, NSS College, Kottiyam May 2017
  • Member, Board of Studies for Question paper setting, St. Joseph College, Irijalakkuda (Autonomous) in November 2020

Duties Performed at Institution

  • Co-Ordinator, Scholarship & Endowments (2011 onwards)
  • Co-Ordinator, AISHE (2014 to 2016)
  • Assistant Co-ordinator, IQAC (2018 to 2023)
  • Member, NAAC Re-accreditation Committee & C0-ordinator of SSR Criteria o5 in 2023
  • Member, NIRF Committee (2020, 2021 & 2022)
  • Nodal officer, State scholarships (2016 onwards)
  • Member, Library Advisory Committee (2018 onwards)
  • Executive member, DIST-FIST (2019 onwards)
  • Committee member, RUSA (2019 onwards)
  • Member, PFMS monitoring Committee (2019 onwards)
  • Co-ordinated study tours for taxonomic study, plant collection and herbarium preparation for UG & PG Botany students since 2016
  • Co-ordinated the maintenance activities of the Botanical Garden of Sree Narayana College Kollam, with the help of Faculty members UG & PG students Dept of Botany since 2016
  • Curtor of Sree Narayana College Herbarium (SNCH) of the SNC Kollam, since 2016
  • Officer-in-charge of Plant Identification & Botanical Information Service, an extension activity of SNC Kollam, since 2018
  • Established QR Code tagging system for Campus flora at Sree Narayana College, Kollam, since 2019.
  • Published E-handbook on State/central/university Scholarships from 2020 onwards
  • Executive editor of IQAC News Letter (Issue 01, Dec 2021), Sree Narayana College Kollam in 2020-21


  • Flowering Plants authentication through herbarium/on-line visit
  • Collaboration with the Grass Phylogeny Working Group (GPWG) and Botanical Survey of India(BSI) in Indian grass systematics research

Botany Department