Mathematics Department


Aswathy S

[email protected]
+91 989 521 0173


  • Assistant Professor


  • Mathematics

Edu. Qualifications

  • M PHIL
  • Msc
  • NET

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

  • Graph Theory
  • Algebraic Graph Theory

Courses/subject Taught

  • Topology
  • Algebra
  • Programming Language Python

Field of Research

  • Graph Theory


  • 5 years

Papers Presented

  • Graphs with minimum Eigen Value  -2 on National Seminar by Indian Science Congress 14/02/2018

Seminars/Workshops/Trainings Organised

  • Workshop on Programming in Python, 23/09/2016, Funded by PTA
    Seminar on Advancements in Mathematics and Related Fields, 13/08/2018 14/08/2018, Funding agency -KSCSTE
  • International Seminar on Importance of Mathematics in Physics, 11/10/2019, Funded by PTA

Seminars/Conferences Attended

  • Two Day National Seminar on Recent Trends in Latex, 23/11/2017-24/11/2017, Funded by Directorate of collegiate education

Workshops/Trainings Attended

  • Workshop on Latex, 15/12/2016-16/12/2016, Funded by Directorate of collegiate Education
  • Workshop on Scientific Programming on Python, 13/01/2017-14/01/2017, Funded by Directorate of collegiate Education
  • Workshop on Career Advancement Scheme for College Teachers Under UGC Regulations, IQAC , 17/04/2017
  • Workshop on Analysis- Foundations, 12/01/2018-13/01/2018, Funded by KSCSTE
  • Teachers Enrichment Workshop(Advanced Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus) 02/04/2018 to 07/04/2018 Funding Agency- National centre for Mathematics
  • National level workshop on NIRF India ranking 2020,21/11/2019
  • National level workshop on Modern breakthroughs in number theoretic and dicrete geometric problems(NTDG-2019), 10/12/2019-13/12/2019

Duties Performed at College

  • Member of Ethics Committee
  • Green Protocol Committee

Mathematics Department