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English – Research

A collection of wide range of books for the research scholars as reference material for pursuing their research is available in the college library. The collection covers books of contemporary relevance and significance and the areas of research offered by the Department of English.

Areas of Research

  • Indian Literature
  • Literary Criticism and Theory
  • American Literature
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Language & Linguistics
  • Cultural Studies, Film Studies
  • Dalit Literature

Research Supervisors

  1. S.K. Prathap
  2. Susheel Kumar
  3. Nair Anup Chandrasekharan

Researcher Details

  • Research Guide: S.K. Prathap
    Research Scholars:

    • Full time
      • Ms. Viji Vijayan
    • Part time
      • Ms. Sindhu P.
      • Ms. Jayalekshmi B.
      • Ms. Asha M.
      • Mr. R. Premkumar
      • Ms. Bhavya Prakash
  • Research Guide: Dr. Susheel Kumar
    Research Scholars:

    • Part time
      • Ms. Padma Chandran
      • Ms. Shanti U.
      • Ms. Anusha P.
      • Ms. Asha Balachandran
      • Ms. Sreelekshmi B.
      • Mr. Sambhu R.
  • Research Guide: Nair Anup Chandrasekharan
    Research Scholars:

    • Full time
      • Ms. Amrutha Mohan
    • Part time
      • Ms. Vijayalakshmi V.
      • Ms. Sandhya Gopal
      • Ms. Indu B.C.
      • Ms. Indu K.

English Department