Chemistry Department


Dr. Rijith S

[email protected]
+91 9495538668

Edu. Qualifications

  • MSc (Chemistry)
  • PhD

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

  • Physical chemistry
  • Environmental sciences
  • Electro Chemistry

Courses/subject Taught

  • PG/UG/subjects opted teaching

Field of Research

  • Electro chemistry, Environmental sciences

Guideship Details

  • Research Guide, University of Kerala No.  Ac.E VI(1)/38221/2015 dated 11/01/2016


  • 10 years

Memberships in Learned Bodies/Societies, If any

  • American Chemical Society,USA,  Society of Material Chemistry, India, Indian Chemical Society, Kolkata, India.

Extension Activities

  • NSS Officer

Papers Published

  • T .S. Anirudhan, A.R. Tharun, S. Rijith and P.S. Suchithra ‘Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Graft Copolymer Containing Carboxyl Groups and Its Application to Extract Uranium(VI) from Aqueous Media. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 122(2) (2011) 874-884.
  • T .S. Anirudhan, S.Rijith, V. R. N. Ratheesh, A highly efficient carboxyl-terminated hybrid adsorbent composite matrix for the adsorptiuonm of uranium(VI) and thorium(IV) from aqeous solutions and nuclear industry effluents, “Desalination and Water Treatment” 38(1-3) (2012) 79-89, Europian desalination Society.
  • T .S. Anirudhan, C. D. Bringle, S.Rijith, ‘Synthesis and characterization of carboxyl terminated poly(methacrylic acid)grafted chitosan/bentonite composite and its application for the recovery of uranium(VI) from aqueous media’ Journal of Environmental Radio Activity” 106 (2012) 8-19.
  • S. Rijith, T .S. Anirudhan, ‘Evaluation of Iron(III) Chelated Polymer Grafted Lignocellulosics for Arsenic(V) Adsorption in a Batch Reactor System’ Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research  51(32) (2012) 10682−10694.
  • S Rijith, T S Anirudhan, V S Sumi, T Shripathi, Sorptive potential of glutaraldehyde cross-linked epoxyaminated chitosan for the removal of Pb(II) from aqueous media: kinetics and thermodynamic profile. Desalination and Water Treatment (2015) 1–15.
  • S Rijith,S Sarika and S Abhilash, Synthesis, characterisation and application of a novel FeO-TiO2-GO Mixed oxide composite catalyst for hydrogen evolution reactions, Indian J.Sci.Res.  2018, 18(1): 69-74, 2018, ISSN 0976-2876
  • S Rijith, S Suma, Sumi V S, Synthesis and application of polymer-grafted nanocellulose/graphene oxide nano composite for the selective recovery of radionuclides from aqueous media. Separation Science and Technology.2019, Vol. 54, No. (9) 1453-1468. ISSN: 0149-6395.
  • Sarika S, S Rijith. Transition metal mixed oxide-embedded graphene oxide bilayers as an efficient electrocatalyst for optimizing hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media. New J. Chem., 2020,44, 13889-13901.

Papers Presented

  • International-20

Research Projects Undertaken

  • Solar Hydrogen Production through Hybrid Photo Electrochemical Assemblies: Preparation of TiO2 based Catalysts and their Applications. 2016-2018, UGC

Orientation Courses Attended

  • 07-06-2011 to 04-07-2011, U.G.C.-Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, 121st Orientation Programme

Refresher Courses Attended

  • 30-01-2013 to 20-02-2013 ,  U.G.C.-Academic Staff College, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram , Refresher Course in Chemistry
  • 05-05-2015 to 25-05-2015, Human Resource Development Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Basic Sciences(ID)

Seminars/Workshops/Trainings Organised

  • National Symposium on The Innovative Trends in Chemical Education and Research: Hurdles and Successive Progress (ITCER-2017)

Workshops/Trainings Attended

  • PG Syllabus Revision workshop, SNC Kollam, 29/6/2019-ACT Trivandrum with Kerala University

Academic Responsibilities Undertaken

  • Chief and Additional Examiner
  • Kerala University Examinations
  • Duties Performed at College
  • NSS Programme Officer


  • Best paper awards
  • Best oral presentation
  • Best poster awards

Chemistry Department