Chemistry Department


Dr. Sarika S

[email protected]


Assistant Professor on contract



Edu. Qualifications

  • Ph.D
  • M.Sc, NET

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

  • Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

Courses/Subject Taught

  • Organic Chemistry, Physical   Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry.

Field of Research

  • Photocatalytic and Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction


  • 2 years

Papers Published

  1. Sarika S, Sumi VS, Abhilash S, Rijith S. Insight into the fabrication and characterizations of novel heterojunctions of Fe2O3 and V2O5 with TiO2 and graphene oxide for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: a comparison study. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. (American Chemical society) 2022; 61:2714-33.
  2. Abhilash S, Sumi VS, Sarika S, Deepa JP, Sreekala CO, Rijith S. Development and characterization of NiMoP alloy coating for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media. Fuel. (Elsevier) 2022;318:123598.
  3. Rijith S, Abhilash S, Sarika S, Sumi VS, Sreekala CO. Tuning of electrocatalytic activity of mixed metal dichalcogenides supported NiMoP coatings for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. (Elsevier) 2022 Dec 6.
  4. Sarika S, Abhilash S, Sumi VS, Rijith S. Synthesis and characterization of transition metal mixed oxide doped graphene embedded durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. (Elsevier) 2021;46(30):16387-403.
  5. Sarika S, Abhilash S, Sumi VS, Rijith S. Graphene oxide supported transition metal mixed oxide nanourchins onto bimetallic phosphide coatings as high performance hydrogen evolution electrodes in alkaline media. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (Elsevier) 2021;875:160033.
  6. Sarika S, Rijith S. Transition metal mixed oxide-embedded graphene oxide bilayers as an efficient electrocatalyst for optimizing hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media. New Journal of Chemistry. (Royal Society of Chemistry) 2020;44(32):13889-901.

Book Chapters & Proceedings:

  1. Conducting Polymers for Advanced Energy Applications -Ram K Gupta Chapter 11: Thin Film of Conducting Polymers for Photovoltaics ISBN 9780367713355 Taylor and Francis Group, CRC Press
  2. Metal-Air Batteries Principles, Progress & Perspective -Ram K Gupta Chapter 17: Aqueous Electrolytes ISBN 9781032282084 CRC Press (forthcoming April 18, 2023)

Academic Responsibilities Undertaken

  • Handling UG and PG Classes and Labs
  • Supervising UG and PG dissertations


  • Won the Best paper award at Swadeshi Science Congress 2017, jointly organized by Swadeshi Science Movement- Kerala and Amrita Viswa Vidhyapeedam, Amrita University, Kerala
  • Won the Best paper award for national seminar held at Govt. College, Attingal in association with IQAC

Chemistry Department