Department of economics was started in year 1949. Prior to 1949, the Department was combined with other social sciences like history and politics. Till 1958, the Department offered only BA degree course and MA was started in the year 1959 and the Department was elevated to the status of a Post Graduate Department. 

Aims and Objectives 

The course intends to familiarise the students with the broad aspects of social science and to gather a comprehensive view of the economy. It also aims to help students to understand the basic concepts related to the development of an economy, the role and functions of the government. 

It equips the students to apply modern tools for measuring economic development and to express economic theories in diagrammatic and quantitative terms. The main objective of the course is to apply economic tools to solve the problems and suggest remedial measures. It also helps to highlight the emerging trends, issues faced by the Kerala economy and to review the structural changes of our economy. It familiarises the students economic activities taking place in financial markets. The course aims at providing and understanding the basic principles that tend to govern trade at the global level. It also helps to examine the impact of liberalisation and globalisation on the Indian economy.

Pioneers of the Department 

Since the establishment of the department, a number of eminent personalities have worked in the department. In the initial years, Dr P.C. Alexander was a faculty of our department. Dr P.C. Alexander later become the Indian administrative service officer. He served as governor of Tamil Nadu from 1988 to 1990 and as Governor of Maharashtra from 1993 to 2002. He was also considered as a candidate for the post of President of India in 2002. He had the additional charge of Goa when he was the Governor of Maharashtra from 1996 to 98. He also was the member of Rajya Sabha presenting Maharashtra as an independent candidate from  from 29 July 2 to April 2008. 

Renowned economist Professor Mathew Tharakan become the first Head of the Department of Economics. He was brought to SN College from Madurai – American College by our founder Shri R Shankar. Professor Mathew Tharakan was the economic advisor to the Chief Minister of Travancore Cochin State C. Kesavan. He was appointed as the chairman of Coir Minimum Wages Committee in 1951 to 52 and also as the chairman of the Industrialisation Committee for the coastal areas of Alleppey district in 1964. 

Rank Holders of  M.A.  Degree. 

  1. Lekshmi Radhakrishnan – Vth Rank (2016-18)
  2. Ananya – IVth Rank (2013-15)
  3. Reshmi – Vth rank (2010-12) JRF (2013-14) 
  4. Sreeja R. – IIIrd Rank (2009-11)
  5. Lakshmi Ravi – Ist rank (2009-11)
  6. Veena Vijai – IInd Rank (2007-09)
  7. Shruti S. – IIIrd Rank (2006-08)
  8. Nizia Ameer – IIIrd Rank (2005-07)
  9. Kala Gayathri – IIIrd Rank (2004-06)
  10. Anjali Prakash – Ist Rank (2002-04)
  11. SreeRekha – IInd Rank (2002-04)
  12. Shia MTKumary – IIIrd Rank (2002-04)
  13. Maya V. – IVth Rank (2002-04)
  14. Vanitha Prasad – IInd Rank (2001-03)
  15. Vineetha U.P. – IIIrd Rank (2001-03)
  16. Hussein M.- IInd Rank (1995-97)
  17. Anitha Kumari – Ist Rank (1991-92)

Rank Holders of  B.A.  Degree.

  1. 1.Arun M. – IIIrd Rank (2017-20)
  2. 2.Veena Vijai – IIIrd Rank (2004-07)
  3. 3.Shruti S. – IIIrd Rank (2003-06)
  4. 4.Deepa mol – IInd Rank (1996-99)
  5. 5.Veni Raj – Ist Rank (1995-97)
  6. 6.Asha C Senan – Ist Rank (1993-96)
  7. 7.Sony Jayaraj – IInd Rank (1993-96)
  8. 8.M. Kabeer – IIIrd Rank (1976-79)

    Manju Rajan

      Dr S Jayasree Assistant Professor

        Dr Aparna P Assistant Professor

          Vincent Vijayan Assistant Professor

            Dr Sreeja Mole S Assistant Professor

              Dr Rahi T B Assistant Professor

                Arya P Assistant Professor




                Name of the journal


                ISSN number



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                Dr. Sreejamole S.

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                International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

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                Holistic Thought

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                Economics of Recycling Non Degradable Waste in Kollam Corpotation  

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                Financial Feasibility of Establishing Solid Waste Management Plant – A case study of Kollam Corporaion 


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                Dr Kumar S 



                E- governance and the Efficiency of Service Delivery at LSGs in Kerala



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                Demonetisation of Indian Currency- A Master Stroke to Poor





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                Introduction of GST in India: Probing into 

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                Gender Budgeting An Economic Initiative for Women Empowerment



                July – Sept  




                1. A campus Placement was organized by the Dept of Economics in association with Zodak, A Chennai based Recruitment Agency on 23-7-2019 for UG &PG students of all the Departments in the seminar hall of Economics Department.Students from various departments participated. Dr Jayasre.S Head of Department of Economics welcomed the gathering. Dr .R Sunil kumar, Principal S.N,College delivered the presidential address. The recruitment was undertaken for the post of HR Recruiters, BPO, Health Care , Voice Process and Banking ( Assistant Managers ) All students who possessed Pan Card were eligible for the written exam.Out of 9 students who wrote the exam 7 students were selected and offer letters were sent to them. They include the following students. 

                1. Rahul Krishnan. 

                2. Anjali.M 

                3. Sreeja.S

                4. Gautam Gireesh 

                5. Aleena .B.Raj 

                6. Reshma Rajan 

                7. Kavya 

                2. Department of Economics Conducted the Shroff Memorial Elocution Competition on 25-9-2019. The programme was conducted in the Economics Seminar hall . Nine students were selected for the final round. Toppers were awarded with cash prize of Rs 2500 for the first place Rs 1500 and 1000 for second & third place respectively.

                 Toppers were 1) Agrima Babu – Second year English -First

                1. 2)Vaishnavi.S – First Year Journalism -Second 
                2. 3)Kiran T.P – Second Year Politics -Third 

                3. As part of Digital India Programme ,Department of Economics had conducted a One day Workshop on Digi locker on 5- 10-2019 at G2 Seminar Hall to highlight the importance and benefits of Digilocker and to train the students on how to use the app, three master trainers from St Teresa”s College Ernakulam conducted the programme. Ten students from all the departments were initially trained. The main intention of conducting this programme was to spread the awareness and to help all the students in our college to use this system through these ten students. Total number of 125 students participated and the Head of Dept of Economics welcomed the gathering and the programe was inaugurated by our PIrncipal Dr.Sunil kumar . Felicitation was offered by Vincent Vijayan Vote of thanks was offered by Dr.Aparna.p. Meghna ,Anjali and Annapoorna were the master trainers. 

                4. Dept of Economics along with the Entrepreneurs Club had started a Chocolate Making Unit within the college campus on 9-10-2019. As part of the beginning of the activities of this unit a chocolate making class was also conducted by a faculty from St.Teresa’s college Ernakulam.The unit was inaugurated by our Principal Dr.Sunil kumar at 11am on 9-10-19.The class focused on making hand made chocolates and 8 varieties of chocolates with different flavours were taught. 38 Students of Economics & 37 from Commerce Dept participated. Dr.Jayasree, HOD of Economics and Smt Praseeja Convenor of the Entrepreneur Unit and the faculty members from Economic and Commerce Dept also took part in the programme. 

                5.Campus Placement was conducted by the Dept of Economics in association with Times Pro, a Kochi based Agency on 14-10-2019 in the Economics Seminar Hall a 10.30 AM.The recruitment was mainly meant for the PG students of various departments.The agency offers 45 days intensive training for those selected and 3 months internship with stipend and offers salary upto 2.6 lakh per annum . Welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Jayasree and recruitment drive was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Sunil Kumar.Felicitation was offered by Dr. Aparna .P and Arya offered the vote of thanks . 

                6.Planning forum was conducted on 6-11-2019 by organizing a one day workshop on “ Maths Tricks for Competitive Exams” by Dr.Madhusoodhanan Kartha, Assistant Prof, PMG, College, Chalakudi. Welcome speech was delivered by Vincent Vijayan, Co-ordinator of the Planning Forum and the presidential address by Dr Sunil kumar,Principal S.N.College.The felicitation was delivered by Dr Jayasree.S, Dr.Manoj (NAAC Co-Ordinators),and Dr.Aparna P. Staff Secretary.Students were taught various short cut methods to attempt the quantitative aptitude test conducted by various agencies. Around 125 students from various department attended the workshop.Smt.Nisha proposed the Vote of Thanks. 

                7.Programme on Career Opportunities in Higher Education was organized by the Dept of Economics & TIME, KOLLAM on 9-01-2020.The programme was inaugurated by the HOD ,Department of Economics.The topic taken up for the programme was “What after Graduation”.The main resource person was Mr.Baiju Varghese MCA,MSc.Manager TIME,Kollam. 

                8. Indian Institute for Infrastructure and Construction is an approved training partner of National Skill Development Corporation.This is a joint venture of Kerala Academy of Skill Excellence,The State Skill Development Mission and Uralungal Labour Contract Co-OP Society.The Department of Economics along with the Career Guidance Cell conducted an Orientation Programme for all the teachers on 10-1-2020.The programme was conducted in the G2 Seminar Hall at 2.30 pm.Its Directors Mr.Raghavan and Dr.Sunil Kumar spoke on various skill development courses being offered, its duration, placement opportunities, collaboration with other institutions within and outside the country. All the programme facilitates to provide maximum exposure to skill development and industry interface along with internship.The courses offered were recognized by the Govt of Kerala and certain courses offered were in collaboration with IF MA and AIMA in order to equip the students to take up jobs and challeges in future.The programme intended to communicate the apt courses suitable to various degree students through their respective tutors. 

                9. An Orientation Programme for Clearing UPSC Examinations was conducted by the Dept with the help of our Alumni and the Resource person was Mr.Rajesh ,Research Associate was conducted on 28-1–2020.Practical sessions were also held. 

                10.An Orientation Programme was conducted for Clearing NET/SET conducted by our allumni Mr.Ajmal on 28-01-2020. 

                11.Department as part of AGORA Series conducted a National seminar on”Kerubnomics A Boom or Bane” on 20-2-1020 in the seminar hall of the Dept. Vicent Vijayan welcomed the gathering, Dr.Jayasree delivered the Presidential address, Dr. Sunil Kumar ,Principal inaugurated the seminar. Dr Rethnaraj was the main speaker and Dr.Aparna proposed the Vote of Thanks.

                12.Alumni of 1984-85 batch handed over cash to the Head of the Deparment to be given every month to two students of economically backward category from degree class.

                13.Faculty from the deparment provided financial assistance to two students to meet the medical expense and for participating in Naional level spors meets. 

                14.Dr. Jayasree. S., Member of Unad Bharat Abhiyan cell of SN College, Kollam.Distributed masks, sanitizers, Saplings and copies of Ashaya Nidhi to five villages selected under the scheme (2019-2020)

                List of Eminent/ Invited Resource persons delivered Lectures/ Classes with their respective programmes: 

                1. Dr Rethnaraj, Senior Research Fellow of GIFT conducted a class on urbanization and its impact on the Economy on 20-2-2020 as part of AGORA Seminar series. 

                2. Dr.Madhusoodanan Kartha.N.V,Dept of Commere, Panampilly Memorial College,Chalakudi


                1. Shroff Memorial Elocution Competition was conducted on 25th September 2018. Students from various departments participated. The programme was held in the Seminar hall of the Department of Economics. Top three winners were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2500, 1500, 1000 respectively. 

                2. The Department of Economics conducted a regional seminar on Guidance and Counselling “Need for Life style and Behavioural Changes among the Adolescence” in the G2 Seminar Hall on January 21st 2019. Head of the Department Dr. Jayasree.S, Welcome the gathering. Principal Dr. Anitha Sankar delivered the presidential address and Adv. Anitha Ganapathy inaugurate the seminar. Bothe the Degree and PG students participated in the seminar. Personal Guidance and Counseling were provided by the guest speaker. 

                3. Department with the active participation of our Alumni students conducted a Quiz programme on January 24th 2019 at Economics Seminar Hall at 1.30 PM. Students from various departments participated. First prize was bagged by the team headed by Prince. R a student of II DC Economics. 

                4. Department of Economics conducted a Seminar series “ AGORA-2019” on February 5th 2019 at Econnomics Seminar Hall. Vincent Vijayan, Assistant Professor from the Department of Economics welcome the gathering, Principal Dr. Anitha Sankar delivered the Presidential Address, the seminar was inaugurated by Sri. Jayakumar, Resource person from SEBI, Government of Inida. Felicitation was offered by the Head of the Department Dr. Jayasree. S and vote of thanks by Dr. Rahi. T.B, Assistant Professor Department of Economics. 

                In the afternoon session paper presentation was held by both UG and PG students from 1.30-4.00Pm. 4 research scholars presented their papers on various aspects. Total number of 8 students including the UG and PG also presented their papers. The list of students and their topics presented are given below. 

                1. “Water Crisis in Kerala”- Prabhavathy. C, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, SNCW, Kollam (Research Scholar, University of Kerala) 

                2. “Labour Migration to Kerala”- Smt. Vineetha .U.P. Research Scholar, University of Kerala 

                3. “Problems of Cashew Industry in Kerala”- Smt. Lekshmi Ravi Research Scholar, University of Kerala 

                4. “Role of Informal Sector in Solid Waste Management”- Ms. Sreeja, Research Scholar, University of Kerala 

                5. “Trends of Working age population in India” –Ms Jisha Raju, BA Economics, S6. 

                6. “Role of Education and Gender Sensitization”- Ms. Athira, MA Economics, S4. 

                7. “Issues relating to Kerala’s Development”- Ms Anu Paulose, MA Economics, S4. 

                8. “Issues in Fisheries sector”- Jithu- BA Economics, S6.


                1. 1)Prof Dr. D. Rajasenan, H.O.D.,Department of Applied Economics, CUSAT inagurated Planning forum and delivery a keynote address on “Kerala Development – Reflection” 
                2. 2)Department conducted a seminar on 8/1/2016. Dr. Vijayakumar, Financial Consultant, Geojit delivered a lecture on “Macroeconomic Dimensions of Global Recession”

                Community Extension Services rendered by the Dept


                1. Dr. Jayasree.S HOD dept of Economics inaugurated a Career Guidance Seminar for plus Two and Degree students organized by ICER and Mathrubhoomi, Kollam at Hotel All Seasons 0n 30 -6 2019 

                2. Vincent Vijayan had participated and delivered a lecture on Importance of Agriculture in Kerala Economy in an award distribution ceremony to the best farmers organized by Sri N.Gopalan Vaidhyan Memorial Central School,Thottapally on 28th Feb 2020.

                3. An updated version of Citizen’s handbook on e- governance “Akshaya Nidhi”, was distributed to the residents of Aiswarya Nagar and Vikas Nagar, within Kollam corporation.


                1. 1.Faculy from the department along wih students actively participated in flood relief  and cleaning activities in kuttanad.
                2. 2.Dr.Aparna P. participated and inagurated A.D.Shroff memorial Elocution Competition in S. N. College for Women, Kollam.


                1. Teachers took the initiative to personally identify the family problems of the students and 

                provided financial assistance to eligible students . 

                1. 2.Financially poor students were identified and given study materials.
                2. 3.Five students of the department paricipated in beach cleaning at Kollam.


                • In the year 2015-2016 vegetables were distributed for the noon meal scheme being undertaken by the SNDP School, Neeravil 

                • In 2015-2016, Department raised an amount of Rs 2,37,000/- from both within and outside the campus for meeting the marriage expense of Asha our Second MA student who lost her father in her childhood and her mother who committed suicide because of her inability to meet her marriage expense. 

                • Our PG students also donated Rs 3250/- to an orphanage in Vallikeezhu, Kollam 

                • Teachers and students of our Department donated Rs 5000/- to the pain and palliative Care unit in Kollam 

                • Updated version of Citizen’s handbook on e- governance “Akshaya Nidhi”, was distributed to the residents of R.Shankar Nagar and Thumbara Nagar, within Kollam city 

                • Degree students participated in fund raising campaign conducted by the District TB Center, 

                Kollam and contributed Rs 1500/- through the sale of stamps issued by the TB Centre. 

                • Number of Degree students participated in the Blood donation camp conducted by Medi City Hospital, Kollam.


                In the year 2014-2015 notebooks were distributed to the students of UP School, Kollam who hailed from economically weaker section. Faculty from the Department also took the initiative to distribute notebooks to our girls doing UG programme who belong to weaker sections. 


                In the year 2013-14, Vivaranidhi- A citizens handbook on E-governance was distributed to households of Rameswaram Nagar Residents Association, Kaikulangara, Kollam and Vikas Nagar Residents Association, Pattathanam.

                In the year 2009-10, faculty from our department visited the model High School for girls and distributed snacks to those attending remedial classes in the evenings who often belong to economically backward class.