Economics Department


Dr Sreeja Mole S

[email protected]
+91 892 132 1720


  • Assistant Professor


  • Economics

Educational qualifications

  • MA
  • PhD

Areas of interest/specialisation

  • Micro economics
  • Macro economics

Courses/subject taught

  • Micro economics
  • International economics
  • Political economy
  • public finance

Field of Research

  • Agro processing and value addition

Guideship details

5438/2021/UOK Dated 16-Oct-2021


  • 4 Years

Papers published

  • Agri -trade Strategy Needed, Kerala Calling, January 2009,Volume 29, Number 3.
  • Food Processing A Sunrise Sector, Kerala Calling, April 2011,Volume 31.
  • Food Processing And Value addition : the Emerging Sector, ISDA Journal ISSN 0971-2550,January-March 2013,Vol.23 Number 1,Trivandrum
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  • Agro Processing and Value Addition : An Aspect of Sustainable Development of Agriculture, ISDA Journal, ISSN 0971-2550,July-Dec.2014,Vol.24,Numbers 3&4,Trivandrum
  • Food Security: Emerging Issues in the context of Recent Food security Bill, ISDA Journal, ISSN 0971-2550 Oct-December 2015,Vol.25,Number 4,
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  • Inclusive Green Growth – A Theoretical Perspective, anvesak journal. June 2021

Economics Department