The Department of commerce was established in the year 1948 and has been attaining guaging heights ever since its inception.  The Department is augmented by 12 permanent teachers and one part time lecturer in Law.  The Department offers UG,PG and Ph.D., programmes.  We offer B. Com., Finance, Co-Operation and Travel& Tourism, M. Com-Finance and M.Com Marketing programmes.  The stream of commerce is one of the most demanded courses in the contemporary academic world.  It is considered as one of the most popular career options in India.

The Five faculty members of the department are Ph.D., holders  and our faculty regularly publish in tier journals. Our former members of faculty include Emeritus Professor, Eminent Principals, UGC-HRDC Director, Registrar, Kerala Public Service Commission member, academicians and other iconic personalities with patents, etc.

The students of the department continuously attain University ranks and higher level placements.  Our students undergo internship programmes and industrial visits which moulds them to adapt with industrial world which fills the employability gap between institution and industry.Department organises national Seminars, workshops conferences and other intercollegiate meets to pursue  career of our students in Research, Business, Commerce, Accounting, Tourism, Marketing etc.,

After graduation many of the students  pursue higher degree in prestigious foreign universities and colleges. We give due importance for the value education, personality development career guidance, etc.

The different Courses Programmes offered by the Department at present are:

  1. B.com Degree Courses with Finance, Co operation and Tourism Electives
  2. M.com Degree Courses with Finance and Marketing Electives
  3. PhD (Research in Commerce)

Study Programmes Offered

  1. B.Com
  2. M.Com (Finance)
  3. M.com (Marketing)
  4. Ph.D.

Recent Academic Achievements

1Neelima DileepU G C NET (II MCom)2019-20
2Sreelekshmi SU G C NET (II MCom)2018-19
3Remya Raj
U G C NET (II MCom)2018-19
4Preethi PradeepU G C NET (II MCom)2018-19
5Karthika SRU G C NET (II MCom)2018-19
6Ammu.UVU G C NET (II MCom)2018-19
7Saranya.A.SU G C NET (II MCom)2017-18
8Akshay Kumar. L
U G C NET (II MCom)2017-18
9Aswathya.SU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
10AmruthaU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
12Nimisha. G. SU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
13AnithaU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
14Anjana. SU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
15Dhanya Raj. D. BU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
16Swathy.B.SU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
17Sindoora.sU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
18Nikhitha SunilU G C NET (II MCom)2016-17
19MaheshU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
20Akshitha. G. PillaiU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
21G. AnanduU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
22G. AnanduU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
23V. PriyankaU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
24Fathima ShereefU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
25Ann Mary AlexanderU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
26Atheena PrinceU G C J R F (II MCom)2015-16
27Anusha TVII Rank in M.Com. University Examination2015-16
28Meenu SudharsananIV Rank in M.Com. University Examination2015-16
29Nayeema NoushadI Rank in M.Com. University Examination2015-16
30M. AmrithaIII Rank in M.Com. University Examination2011
31Devi AjayanIII Rank in M.Com. University Examination2010

    Dr Dayana Sajjanan Assistant Professor (On Leave)

      Dr Rajasekaran HOD, Assistant Professor

        Anil Raj V Assistant Professor

          Dr Anuji S Assistant Professor

            Anisha U Assistant Professor

              Praseeja P J Assistant Professor

                Aarcha S S Assistant Professor

                  Dr Simu Rajendran Assistant Professor

                    Misha V Assistant Professor

                      Devi Priya P M Assistant Professor

                        Dr Dhanya R Assistant Professor

                          Atheesh A Kumar Assistant Professor

                            Adv Suresh T A Part-Time law lecturer

                            PUBLICATIONS (2009 ONWARDS)

                            01 Dileep Kumar P. M. (2009). A Study on the Investment Performance of Retail Investors in the Capital Market. ACUMEN – Marian Journal of Commerce and Management, 2 (1), Kuttikkanam. National
                            02 Dileep Kumar P. M. (2009). A study on the factors influencing performance of investors in the capital market ‘Man-Age’. DCMS Journal for Management, University of Calicut, Kerala State, IV (1-2). National
                            03 Dileep Kumar P. M. and Deyanandan M. N. (2010). Kudumbashree Micro Enterprises – A Success Story of Women Entrepreneurship in Kerala. Management Researcher, XVI (4), Thiruvananthapuram National
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                            05 Dileep Kumar P. M. (2014). Factors Contributing to Good E-Governance: An Analytical Study on Sultanate of Oman. International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, 4(10): 424-438. International
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                            11 Muraleedharan D. (2010). Technical Terms in Central Budget. Yojana. National
                            12 Binu R. (2014). Strategic Financial Management-Need for the Hour. Management Accountant, ICWAI (Accepted for Publication). National
                            13 Binu R. (2014). Grand Kerala Shopping Festival-A new Developmental Paradigm. Kerala Calling National
                            14 Biju M.G. (2014). Life Skill Development among Children: A Technology Driven Approach. In International Proceedings on Life Skill Education published by IALE National
                            15 Biju M.G. (2014). Working paper published by Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation titled ‘Administrative Leadership at CTD: A Subordinate Perspective Study’. No. 1/2004, GIFT, Government of Kerala. National
                            16 Biju M.G. (2014). Body Constitution and Life skill Development among Children. Holistic Thought, ISSN 0975-363 X National
                            17 Dayana Sajjanan (2014). Study of Awareness, Perception and Satisfaction Level of Gold Bullion Investors. International Journal of Management, 5 (5). International
                            18 Dayana Sajjanan (2014). Perception of Consumers Towards Branded Jewellery Products of Malabar Gold in Thiruvananthapuram City. International Journal of Management, 5 (6). International
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                            22 Vishnu S. (2013). Recent Trends in Life Insurance Business in India. Review of Social Science, XIX. National
                            23 Vishnu S. (2013). Analysis of Bank Assurance of Life Insurance Business in India. Holistic Thought XIII. National





                            Research Supervisors & Research Scholars

                            Sl. No

                            Name of Research Guide

                            Name of Research Scholars

                            Nature of Research


                            Dr. Soju

                            1. Anu 

                            Full – time

                            1. Crissy

                            Full –time

                            1. Irshad 

                            Full –time

                            1. Anil Raj


                            1. Peter 


                            1. AAshida



                            Dr. Viju mon

                            1. Anupa Raj

                            Full –time

                            1. Kevin 


                            1. Promod


                            1. Praseeja p j



                            Dr.Nithya U.S

                            1. Devi

                            Full time

                            1. Vidhu 

                            Full time

                            1. Shyni


                            1. Sowmya 


                            Details of Student enrichment programmes (special lectures/workshops/seminars) with external experts

                            YearProgrammeTopicResource person
                            2013-14SeminarCareer Guidance and CounsellingDr. Gabriel Simon Thattil, Professor of Commerce, University of Kerala
                            2012-13SeminarMarketing Strategies and Challenges Telecom SectorDr. Murali Mohan, Professor of Commerce, University College, Thiruvanathapuram
                            2011-12Special LectureFinancial Planning for Young InvestorsDr. M. N. Deyanandan, Professor of Commerce, T. K. M. College of Arts and Science, Kollam
                            2010-11SeminarService Sector and Financial InclusionDr. D. C. Bose, Former Professor of Commerce, S.N. College, Kollam
                            2009-10SeminarThe Recent Trends in Banking SectorDr. Gabriel Simon Thattil, Professor of Commerce, University of Kerala