Year of Establishment:1948

  • Postgraduate and Research Department
  • Well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers: We have one Associate Prof., 13 Asst. Professors and 3 approved research guides
  • Providing quality education to the students of semi urban areas, especially to those hailing from economically backward students
  • DST- FIST supported department, hence well equipped laboratories with sophisticated instruments 
  • Well stacked library
  • Representation of faculty in university bodies
  • Facilitation of research opportunities to M.Sc. students in premier research institutes and industries
  • Opportunity for students to join these institutions as Research Associates, Project Fellows, etc.

Study Programmes Offered

  • B.Sc. Chemistry (Started in 1949)
  • M.Sc. Chemistry (Started in 1961)
  • M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (Started in 2001)
  • Ph.D. (Started in 1966)

Recent Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements of PG and UG Students

University Ranks_PG-2020


University Ranks_PG-2019
1Satheeshna S. R.Third Rank in M.Sc. Chemistry Degree University Exam, 20202020
2Jeeva V. S. First Rank in M.Sc. Chemistry Degree University Exam, 20192019
3Suchithra G. Second Rank in M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry Degree University Exam, 20192019
4Athul KrishnanFirst Rank in M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry Degree University Exam2016
5V. Sindhu First Rank in MSc Analytical Science2015
7C. VidhyaSecond Rank in MSc Analytical Science2015
8Jisha. Mc. JohnsonThird Rank in M.Sc. Chemistry Degree University Exam, March 20142014
9Athira KrishnanFirst Rank in M.Sc. Chemistry Degree University Exam, March 20132013
10Minitha. S.Second Best Poster Award in the U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar organized by SNCW, Kollam2012
11Athira KrishnanFirst Rank in the B.Sc. Chemistry Degree University Exam, March 20112011

PhDs. Awarded

1Sruthi B. 2020
2Jolly A. 2020
3Divya V. 2020
4Deepa Thomas2020
5Jyothishkumar T.2019
6Sarithamol S.2019
7Divya G. Nair2018
8Suresh Kumar B. 2018

Details of Student enrichment programmes (special lectures/workshops/seminars) with external experts

YearEventTopicResource person
2011-12WorkshopTensor AnalysisDr. Sethumadhavan: Former HOD and Professor, S.N. College, Shornur
2013-14LectureModern ScienceDr. S. Raju:  H.O.D. and Assoc.  Professor, University College, Thiruvananthapuram
2013-14LectureNano WorldDr. R. Raveendran: Principal, S.N. College, Shornur

YearEventTitleNational/InternationalFunding Agency
2009-10SeminarRecent Advance in Nano ScienceNationalUGC
2010-11SeminarPhysical and Bio Medical Applications in Nano TechnologyNationalUGC
2013-14SeminarApplications of Advanced Nano MaterialsNationalUGC


    Dr. Pushpa V. L. Associate Professor and Head of the Department

      Dr. S. V. Manoj Assistant Professor

        Dr. Rema Devi B. Assistant Professor

          Dr. P. Nikhil Chandra Assistant Professor

            Dr. Rijith S. Assistant Professor

              Ms. Jeneena K. B. Assistant Professor

                Mr. Abhilash S. Assistant Professor

                  Dr Deepa J. P. Assistant Professor

                  Dr. Praveen Prakash Assistant Professor

                    Dr. Sreeremya T. S. Assistant Professor

                      Dr. Deepa J. R. Assistant Professor

                        Dr. Vivek B. Assistant Professor

                          Dr Sumesh R. V. Assistant Professor

                            Dr. Mini S. Assistant Professor

                            Papers Published in Peer-Reviewed International/National Journals 

                            1. Theoretical Insights into the Anti-SARS-CoV‑2 Activity of Chloroquine and Its Analogs and In Silico Screening of Main Protease Inhibitors. A. S. Achutha, V. L. Pushpa,* and Surendran Suchitra Journal of Proteome Research, ACS, 2020, 19(11),  4706–4717 [Impact Factor: 4.074]
                            2. Transition metal mixed oxide-embedded graphene oxide bilayers as an efficient electrocatalyst for optimizing hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media Sarika S, S Rijith. New J. Chem., 2020, 44, 13889-13901. [Impact Factor: 3.288].
                            3. Diazanorbornene: A Valuable Synthon towards Carbocycles and Heterocycles. P. Preethalayam, E. Jijy, Praveen Prakash, S. C. Sarngadharan, A. Vijayan, K. V. Radhakrishnan and J. John J. Org. Chem. 2020, 42, 6588. [Impact Factor: 2.889].
                            4. Electrochemical sensing of methylmalonic acid based on molecularly imprinted polymer modified with graphene oxide and gold nanoparticles. J R Deepa, T.S Anirudhan, G.Soman, V C.Sekhar, chem. J, 2020,159, 105489 [Impact factor.3.594].
                            5. Tailor-Made Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for the Removal of Obidoxime from Water in Microfiltration Process. P. Nikhil Chandra, Mothi Krishna Mohan Membr. Technol. 2020, 2, 132–147.
                            6. Effect of zirconia/silica dopants on the thermally induced growth of sol gel synthesized cerium oxide nanoparticles, S Sreeremya, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020. [Impact factor:0.97].
                            7. Novel Multicomponent reaction involving isoquinoline, DMAD and isatilidens leading to the synthesis of Functionalized Spiro- oxindoles: Devi B. R.; Sandhya B.; Materials Today Proceedings, 2020. (Impact Factor -0.58).
                            8. Design, development and characterization of polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes for potential filtration applications. P. Nikhil Chandra, K. Usha, Mothi Krishna Mohan, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020, ISSN 2214-7853,
                            9. Comparative QSAR model generation using pyrazole derivatives for screening Janus kinase‐1 inhibitors S Sarithamol, VL Pushpa, V Divya, KB Manoj, Chemical Biology & Drug Design , Wiley, 2020, 95 (5): 503-519 [Impact Factor: 2.4]
                            10. Removal of atrazine herbicide from water by polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes. P. Nikhil Chandra, K. Usha, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020, ISSN 2214-7853,
                            11. Comparative molecular docking studies of phytochemicals as Jak2 inhibitors using Autodock and ArgusLab, AS Achutha, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj, Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier, 2020.
                            12. Transport studies of ionic solutes through chitosan/chondroitin sulfate A (CHI/CS) polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes. P Nikhil Chandra and Mothi Krishna Mohan, Nano Ex. 2020, 1, 020004.
                            13. Cyclin dependent kinase 4 inhibitory activity of Thieno [2, 3-d] pyrimidin-4-ylhydrazones–Multiple QSAR and docking studies V Divya, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj Journal of Molecular Structure, Elsevier, 2019, 1183, 263–273 [Impact Factor: 2.463].
                            14. A Pharmacogenomic approach for the identification and validation of genetic markers behind CDK4 amplification leading to Cancer, V Divya, VL Pushpa, VR Sunitha, S Sarithamol, S Surendran, KB Manoj, The pharmainnovation, 2019; 8(2): 142-149 [Impact Factor: RJIF 5.98].
                            15. An in silico approach to discover the best molecular modeling strategy for designing novel CDK 4 inhibitors D Vasanthakumari, P Vadakkethil Lalithabhai, M Kanthimathi Bahuleyan, Chemical biology & drug design, Wiley, 2019, 93 (4), 556-569 [Impact Factor: 2.4].
                            16. Fabrication of a molecularly imprinted silylated graphene oxide polymer for sensing and quantification of creatinine in blood and urine samples. TS Anirudhan, J R Deepa, N Stanly, Surf.sci. 2019, 466, 28-39 [Impact factor. 6.182]
                            17. Synthesis and application of polymer-grafted nanocellulose/graphene oxide nano composite for the selective recovery of radionuclides from aqueous media. S Rijith, S Suma, Sumi V S, Separation Science and Technology. 2019, 54, No. (9) 1453-1468. ISSN: 0149-6395.
                            18. Crystal structure of 7′-(4-chloro­phen­yl)-2′′-(4-meth­oxy­phen­yl)-7′,7a’,7′′,8′′-tetra­hydro-1′H,3′H,5′′H-di­spiro­[indoline-3,5′-pyrrolo­[1,2-c]thia­zole-6′,6′′-quinoline]-2,5′′-dione and an unknown solvent; R VishnupriyaM VenkateshanJ SureshR V Sumesh,R R Kumar and P L N Lakshman, Acta Cryst.2019, E75, 189-193.
                            19. Carbon nanotube-copper ferrite-catalyzed aqueous 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of in situ-generated organic azides with alkynes. Praveen Prakash, R. A. Kumar, F. Miserque, V. Geertsen, E. Gravel and E. Doris Commun., 2018, 54, 3644. [Impact Factor: 6.164].
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                            24. Genetic involvement of interleukin 4 for asthma and identification of potential phytochemical scaffold through molecular docking studies,S Sarithamol, V Divya, VR Sunitha, S Suchitra, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj , Int J Curr Pharm Res, 2018,10 (1), 43-54.
                            25. Synthesis, Characterisation and biological studies of transitions metal complexes of Mn(II), Cu(II) and Zn (II) with an azodye (E)-4-((2,6-Dihydroxyphenyl) diazenyl) benzoic acid, S. Mini, S. S. Aravind, Bulletin of pure and Applied Sciences, 2018, 37(c),137-142.
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                            Areas of Research

                            1. Computational Chemistry
                            2. Nano Chemistry
                            3. Kinetics
                            4. Electrochemistry
                            5. Synthetic Organic Chemistry
                            6. Catalysis
                            7. Adsorption
                            8. Corrosion Inhibitors
                            9. Cathodic Protection
                            10. Electroplating
                            11. Membrane Chemistry
                            12. Electrode Modification

                            Research Supervisors

                            1. Dr. K. B. Manoj (Syndicate Member, University of Kerala)
                            2. Dr. Pushpa V. L.
                            3. Dr. S. V. Manoj 
                            4. Dr. Rijith S. 
                            5. Dr. M. S. Latha (Principal, S.N. College, Chathannur)
                            6. Dr. Arun V. (HoD, Dept. of Chemistry, S.N. College, Punalur)

                            Ongoing Reasearch Activities (Ph. D.)

                            SL NoSupervisorNature of ResearchResearch Scholar
                            1Dr. K. B. ManojPart TimeSuchitra Surendran
                            2Dr. K. B. Manoj Part TimeAthira G.
                            3Dr. V. L. PushpaPart TimeSunitha V. R.
                            4Dr. V. L. PushpaFull TimeAchutha A. S.
                            5Dr. S. V. ManojFull Time Seema S.
                            6Dr. Rijith S. Full Time Sarika S.
                            7Dr. Rijith S. Full Time Suma Mahesh S.
                            8Dr. Rijith S. Part TimeAbhilash S.
                            9Dr. Rijith S. Part TimePavitha P. A.
                            10Dr. Arun V.Part TimeShiju Thomas
                            11Dr. Arun V.Part TimeBarakala Pushpa
                            12Dr. Arun V.Part TimeNeetu Pradep
                            13Dr. Arun V.Part TimeRaji V.

                            Minor Research Projects

                            Sl NoInvestigatorTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyPeriod YrsAmount
                            1Dr. Rijith S.Solar Hydrogen Production through Hybrid Photo Electrochemical Assemblies: Preparation of TiO2 based Catalysts and their Applications. UGC2016-18
                            2Dr. S. V. ManojNano particle catalysed and metal ion catalysed autoxidation of aqueous SO2UGC2014-16198000
                            3Dr. Ambili Raj D. B.Development of Light conversion molecular devices based on Lanthanide chelate complexesUGC2014-16140000
                            4Sivakala S.Developmemnt of nanostructured organic-inorganic hybrid compositeUGC2014-16160000
                            5Dr. P. Nikhil ChandraCadmium removal from water using PEM membranes, UGC2013-15