Chemistry Department


Dr. Pushpa V. L

[email protected]
+91 8129225858

Edu. Qualifications

  • MSc
  • PhD

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

  • Physical Chemistry

Courses/subject Taught

  • PG  opted teaching
  • UG opted teaching
  • Spectroscopy
  • Group theory
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Computational Chemistry and Physical Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Field of Research

  • Computer aided drug design

Guideship Details

  • University of Kerala, Science, Chemistry, Sree Narayana College, Kollam, University order No.Ac..E.I.A2/034131/08 dtd 14-11-2008


  • Research & Teaching Experiences 18 years  , 24 years

Memberships in Learned Bodies/Societies, If any

  • Academy of Chemistry Teachers, Indian Science Congress Association

Extension Activities

  • Training for making soap for Kudumbasree, Pattathanam, Kollam. Supply and Production of Sanitizer in nearby hospitals.
  • Certificate course for teachers in CADD

Papers Published

  • A. S. Achutha, V. L. Pushpa,* and Surendran Suchitra Theoretical Insights into the Anti-SARS-CoV‑2 Activity of Chloroquine and Its Analogs and In Silico Screening of Main Protease Inhibitors journal of proteome research,ACS,4706-4717,2020.
  • AS Achutha, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj, Comparative molecular docking studies of phytochemicals as Jak2 inhibitors using Autodock and ArgusLab, Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier,2020
  • S Sarithamol, VL Pushpa, V Divya, KB Manoj, Comparative QSAR model generation using pyrazole derivatives for screening Janus kinase‐1 inhibitors Chemical Biology & Drug Design 95 (5), Wiley ,503-519,2020.
  • V Divya, VL Pushpa, VR Sunitha, S Sarithamol, S Surendran, KB Manoj, A Pharmacogenomic approach for the identification and validation of genetic markers behind CDK4 amplification leading to Cancer, the pharmainnovation,142-149,2019.
  • V Divya, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj Cyclin dependent kinase 4 inhibitory activity of Thieno [2, 3-d] pyrimidin-4-ylhydrazones–Multiple QSAR and docking studies Journal of Molecular Structure 1183, Elsevier,263-273,2019.
  • D Vasanthakumari, P Vadakkethil Lalithabhai, M Kanthimathi Bahuleyan, An in silico approach to discover the best molecular modeling strategy for designing novel CDK 4 inhibitors Chemical biology & drug design 93 (4),Wiley, 556-569,2019.
  • V Divya, VL Pushpa, S Sarithamol, KB Manoj, Computational approach for generating robust models for discovering novel molecules as Cyclin Dependent Kinase 4 inhibitors, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 82,Elsevier, 48-58,2018.
  • S Sarithamol, V Divya, VR Sunitha, S Suchitra, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj , Genetic involvement of interleukin 4 for asthma and identification of potential phytochemical scaffold through molecular docking studies, Int J Curr Pharm Res 10 (1), 43-54,2018.
  • V Divya, VL Pushpa, S Sarithamol, KB Manoj, 2D and 3D QSAR model generation of CDK4 inhibitors , Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences-Chemistry 37 (1), 53-63,2018.
  • S Sarithamol, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj , Comparative Study on Janus Kinase Enzyme activity of Pomegranate Leaf Extract and its Active Component Ellagic Acid for Asthma, Oriental Journal of Chemistry 34 (2), 1041,2018.
  • S Sarithamol, V Divya, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj, Discovery and validation of potential impact of cannabinoid receptor agonists by insilico means, Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences-Chemistry 37 (1), 88-98,2018.
  • DG Nair, VL Pushpa, KK Thomas, KB Manoj, QSAR Studies of Lanosterol Synthase Inhibitors as Potential Antihypercholesterolemic Compounds, Oriental Journal of Chemistry 33 (6), 2949-2958,2017.
  • DG Nair, VL Pushpa, KK Thomas, QSAR Modeling, Docking and Insilico ADMET Studies of Lanosterol Synthase Inhibitors ,Oriental Journal of Chemistry 33 (4), 1837-1847,2017.
  • AS Soubhagya, UC Jaleel, VL Pushpa, In Silico Development For Cholesterol Management-By The Inhibition Of Lanosterol Synthase, IOSR-JAC 3, 33-37,2012.
  • K Serji, KS Devi, KB Manoj, VL Pushpa, K Mohan, Lipid Metabolism in Hexachlorocyclohexane treated rats fed dietary fiber, ACTA CIENCIA INDICA CHEMISTRY 33 (3), 323,2007.
  • VL Pushpa, KB Manoj, MS Latha, K Serji, K Mohan, Synthetic and Bateriological studies on phthalyl sulphathiazole metal chelates, ACTA CIENCIA INDICA CHEMISTRY 33 (2), 201,2007.
  • K Mohan, M Salim, G Abraham, V Prasad, A Jabbar, VL Pushpa, KB Manoj, Qsar modeling of toxic effect of phthalyl sulphathiazole metal chelates, ACTA CIENCIA INDICA CHEMISTRY 33 (4), 577,2007.
  • VL Pushpa, KB Manoj, MS Latha, R Mohan, K Serji, Snthetic and bacteriological studies on 5-alkyl substituted phthalyl sulphathiazole metal chelates, ACTA CIENCIA INDICA CHEMISTRY 33 (4), 605,2007.

Papers Presented

  • International conference on drug discovery 29-2-20 to 2-03-20. Schrodinger US and BITS PILANI,Hydrabad.
  • “Discovery of prospective CDK4 inhibitor molecules through virtual screening augmented by molecular docking and in vitro studies”.

Books Published

  • Subsidiary Chemistry in 2002 University of Kerala
    Research Projects Undertaken
    Study of the drug activity of longifolene derivatives
    MRP(S)-517/09-10/KLKE052/UGC-SWRO dated 30/11/2009

Orientation Courses Attended

  • 10-11-99 to 7-12-99, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit,Kalady.

Refresher Courses Attended

  • 29-5-02 to 19-6-02
  • 1-4-03 to 23-4-03

Seminars/Workshops/Trainings Organised

  • Computer aided drug designing – UGC Sponsored 2011 March 15th -17th,S.N. College,Chengannur.
  • Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry- UGC Sponsored 2014 April 7th-9th ,S.N. College,Chengannur.
  • Machine learning approaches a new trend in quantum mechanics- UGC Sponsored 2015 August 4th – 6th , S.N. College,Chengannur
  • Reaching the Unreached Through Science and Technology- Indian Science Congress Association & Department of Environment and Climate Change February 12-14, 2018,S.N College,Kollam.
  • 5.Interactive Co-learning workshop on Philosophy,  Methods and Ethics in Science workshop  CMFRI Chennai, KSCSTE, Kerala 18-04-18 to 20-04-18  S.N College, Kollam.

Seminars/Conferences Attended

  • International Symposium on Supramolecular and photochemistry.17-1-2020,SDC Alappuzha ,DST,SERB.
  • International conference on drug discovery 29-2-20 to 2-03-20.Schrodinger USA,Bits Pilani Hydrabad

Workshops/Trainings Attended

  • FDP on Novel Strategies and Application in Organic Chemistry-17th-22nd June 2019-NIT, Calicut.

Academic Responsibilities Undertaken

  • Member of board of studies for  PG University of Kerala from17-11-2017to 16-11-2020, order No Ac.D/3/8068/2017 dtd 21-11-17.
  • Member of outcome based syllabus revision of MSc Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry.
  • Member syllabus revision committee 2020 for PG,Medicinal chemistry and Chemistry with drug design  on outcome based ,University of Kerala.
  • Chairman board of studies for UG in University of Kerala from 12th July 2016 to 7th  November 2017as per order Ac.D/2/9535/2016 dtd 13-7-16.
  • Member of board of studies for  PG University of Kerala 2016-17  order Ac.D/2/9535/2016.
  • Member syllabus revision committee for UG order No.Ac.A V/1/12846(5)/2015, University of Kerala.
  • Member of board of studies for  UG since 6-11-2014 as per order Ac.A III/1/0811/2014,University of Kerala.
  • Member of the syllabus design committee for UGC innovative programme in MSc Medicinal Chemistry, University of Kerala.

Duties Performed at College

  • HoD Chemistry
  • Coordinator Research cell
  • Coordinator SAAC


  • NIIST Consultancy for research -Done computational work for phytochemical division NIIST, Trivandrum.

Chemistry Department