Walk With A Scholar(WWS)


Walk With a Scholar is a ‘New Initiative in Higher Education’ by the Department of Higher
Education, Govt. of Kerala. The Scheme aims at giving necessary orientation to needy students, to
prepare them for employment and give them necessary guidance, motivation and necessary
mental support to identify appropriate areas for higher study as well as employment.
Admission to the scheme is voluntary in nature. A student of the first year degree programme
with a minimum of 60% mark is eligible to apply for admission. Maximum number of students to the
program is 30. The scholars for this programme were selected on the basis of merit of qualifying
examination and interest. They were grouped into five and assigned to 6 internal mentors.
Mentoring is a personal enhancement strategy through which one person facilitates the
development of another by sharing known resources, expertise, values, skills, perspectives,
attitudes and proficiencies. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the
concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘Friend’.


Co-ordinator : Sri. Anil Raj V., Dep. of  Commerce (Mobile Number: 9895722326, Email:
Dr. S. Laiju, Dep. of  Psychology
Dr. B.T. Sulekha, Dep. of  Zoology
Dr. N. Ratheesh, Dep. of  Botany
Sri. N. Rishy,  Dep. of  History
Sri. S. Vishnu, Dep. of  Commerce
Smt. L.R. Asitha, Dep. of  Physics
Smt. S.Minnu ,  Dep. of  Politics
Sri. Arun Prasad, Dep. of English
Dr. S.Mahesh , Dep. of Hindi
Smt. R. Reshma, Dep. of  Chemistry