Task Teams


Chaired by Principal: Dr. K.B. Manoj
Co-ordinated by IQAC Co-ordinator: Dr. B. Hari


Curricular Aspects  

Task Team 1: Curricular Planning and Implementation,    Curriculum Enrichment  :     S. Srijith,   Dr. S. Mahesh

Effective Teaching –Learning and Evaluation

Task Team 2: Tutorial System:    Dr. Babitha G.S., S. Abhilash & B.Radhika
Task Team 3: Remedial Coaching:   Dr. S.P.Kumar, R &  Arun Prasad
Task Team 4: Teacher evaluation:   V.Anil Raj,  Vincent Vijayan & P. V. Vivek

Research and Development    

Task Team 5: Inter disciplinary research/Collaboration,FDP/Research Scholars,Publication /patents,Workshop/Seminars,Research Projects/Funding agencies :    Dr. S.V. Manoj, Dr. Ambili Raj

IT & Infrastructure    

Task Team 6: Physical facility/ ICT Equipment, Virtual labs: Dr.P.S.Preetha & Dr. S. V. Manoj

Task Team 7: Digital information/E-books/Software, Centralised Library: V. Baiju & U.Adheesh

Student Support and Progression    

Task Team 8

Personality development/soft skill :Sindhu Prathap, Chinnu Chandran and  R. Arun Prasad 
Career growth /placement                :Dr. Laiju
ASAP                                                     :Dr. S.Jisha
WWS                                                     :V. AnilRaj
SSP                                                         : B.Radhika
Clubs/forums/sports/arts                : Dr. B.T. Sulekha and U.Atheesh

Governance & Leadership    

Task Team 9: Faculty Empowerment Strategies and Management  Strategy Development and Deployment,

Resource Mobilization: T.Abhilash  & B.Radhika

Innovations and Best Practices 


Task Team 10:

Sustainable Eco-friendly green campus  :  Dr. K.V. Thara, S.Jissa and S.Vishnu 
Water harvesting/Waste management & Energy conservation  :  Dr. B.T. Sulekha,
Innovations  :  Rishi, Dr.S.V. Manoj & Dr.S.Jisha
Best Practices/SWOC analysis:    R. Arun Prasad & Dr.S.Laiju

Documentation of AQAR:

Task Team 11: Enrolment/Exams/Statistics         Dr. S.Jisha, Dr. S. Laiju, Dr.S.Mahesh & Chinnu Chandran

Dept level and IQAC  Files

Task Team 12

Dept level files :     Dr.S.Laiju, Dr.S.Jisha, V. AnilRaj and Dr.G.S.Babitha
Task Team 13

IQAC files         :     Dr. B.Hari, Dr.S. Laiju, Dr. S. Jisha

College  Web site &  Blog-ESSENCE

Task Team 14

Dr. Jisha S & Dr. B.Hari