Scholar Support Programme(SSP)


The Scholar support programme is part of the ‘New Initiatives in Higher Education’ initiated
by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Kerala. SSP aims at imparting personalized
additional support to needy students, with the help of tutors, study materials, additional lecturers
question banks, interactive sessions etc.
The candidates selected under the programme must be from the first year of the Under
Graduate programme. Students who are having less than 60% aggregate marks in the qualifying
examination and who need some additional support in identified subjects alone are to be included
in the programme. If it is not possible to identify such students, students having the lowest
percentage of marks in the qualifying examination from among the applicants may be selected.
A college should select a maximum of 6 subjects and a maximum of 50 students under the
Programme. One of the subjects to be identified must be English (Common) for which 10 students
may be selected. The other subjects may be identified as per the needs of the college and students
and based on ‘Results Analysis work for the Scholar Support Programme. Programme wise weighted
scores are published at www.

radhika english

Co-ordinator: B. Radhika ., Dept. of English (Mobile Number: 9633000715,  Email:,
Sri. Abhilash T., Dept. of Politics
Smt. Chinnu Chandran,  Dept. of English
Sri. Vincent Vijayan, Dept. of Economics
Dr. Babitha G.S., Dept. of Zoology
Dr. S. Prasanth, Dept. of Physics
Sri. Abhilash S., Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Preetha P.S., Dept. of Botany
Sri. Vivek P.V., Dept. of Mathematics
Smt. Preetha M.V., Dept. of History
Smt. Radhika B., Dept. of English