College Library

College Library

The primary purpose of the College Library is to support the teaching, learning, research and other academic programmes of the college by collecting, co-ordinating and disseminating information. At present, the library has a large collection exceeding one lakh books which include reference books, text books, treatises, fiction, back volumes of journals etc. The Library subscribes to 35 periodicals, 60 journals and 9 news papers. Library membership is open to all staff and students.

The library system in our college is computerised. We have prepared the bibliographic database of books and journals to provide easy and accurate access to the available information. Users can use computer terminals for searching and retrieving the available information. Internet facility is available in the library.

The library has 3 sections – Reference Section, Circulation Section and Periodical Section. The working time of the library is from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm


1.    The number of books that can be taken by the various categories of members at a time is given below:

a)UG students(6)
b)PG students(11)
d)Non-teaching (10)

2.    Books, periodicals and newspapers should be handled with care and returned intact before leaving the library. All marking, underlining etc. in any book belonging to the library is forbidden. Students are expected to be co-operative in keeping the library neat and tidy. Loud reading and talking in the library are strictly prohibited.

3.    Members are not permitted to take home books belonging to the Reference Section. Books will be issued only on production of Borrower’s ticket. Loss of Borrower’s ticket must be reported to the librarian and a new ticket will be issued on payment of 5/-.

4.    Books issued to the students should not be retained for more than 14 days. An overdue charge @ ` 1/day will be collected from defaulters.

5.    Members can renew/reserve books for their future use.

6.    Damage in any book must at once be reported to the librarian; otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for damage that may be discovered later

7.    If any book is lost, the person concerned will have to replace the book or pay the cost of it together with the stipulated fine.

8.    Books taken for a vacation shall be returned within the first 3 working days after reopening.

9.    A student against whom any charges are outstanding will not be issued books from the library.

10.    Students shall return their library cards at the end of their course for getting library clearance.

Library advisory Committee

The committee advises and recommends on all matters relating to the organisation and services of the college library.

ChairmanDr. R. SunilkumarPrincipal
SecretaryDr. Shaji BLibrarian
Members Dr. Pushpa V LChemistry
Dr. Sajeevkumar. GPhysics
Sri. PremkumarEnglish
Dr. Sreeja PriyadarshiniSanskrit
Dr. Nisha A PBotany

Library Staff

 Librarian (UGC)

  1. Dr. Shaji. B, MLI Sc, M.Phil., Ph.D.
    Ph: 9446621458

Assistant Librarians

  1. Sri. S. Reghunathan
    Ph: 9495195979
  2. Sri. P. Sajju
    Ph: 9995232210
  3. Sri. R. Jayapalan
    Ph: 9495673626
  4. Sri. P.Reghoothaman
    Ph: 9349716433
  5. Sri. R. Anil Kumar
    Ph: 9946999840
    e-mail :
  6. Sri. K.S. Sunil Kumar
    Ph: 9495207203