College Council


The College Council consists of the Principal, Heads of the Departments, three elected teaching staff representatives, Administrative Assistant, Librarian and the Chairperson of the College Union.

Dr. K.AnirudhanPrincipal
Dr.B.HariIQAC, Co-ordinator
Mr.R.PremkumarHead, Department of English
Dr. K.MeeraHead, Department of Hindi
Dr. M.S.SuchithraHead, Department of Malayalam
Dr. K.V.TharaDepartment of Sanskrit
Dr. S. JayasreeHead, Department of Economics
Mr. P.K. JayachandranHead, Department of History
Ms. R. BinduHead, Department of Philosophy
Dr. P. MayaHead, Department of Political Science
Dr. B. AmbiliHead, Department of Mathematics
Dr.G.SanthammaHead, Department of Physics
Dr. V.L.PushpaHead, Department of Chemistry
Dr.C. ShajiHead, Department of Botany
Dr. P.S. SherlyHead, Department of Zoology
Dr. SojuHead, Department of Commerce
Mr.Sujith PrabhakarHead, Department of Physical Edn.
Dr.V.D.RadhakrishnanDept. of Politics (Staff Representative)
T.AbhilashDept. of Politics (Staff Representative)
Dr. P.G.SasikalaDept. of Zoology (Staff Representative)
Ms. Usha P. ChandranAdministrative Assistant
 Dr. Shaji B.Librarian
 College Union Chairperson