• Establishment of ‘Santhisthal’ a man made forest ecosystem in the college Campus
• Preservation and propagation of rare, endangered and threatened species.
• Propagation of endemic fruit plant species to invite birds and small animal diversity in the spot.
Co-ordinator Dr. N. Ratheesh, Dept. of Botany

Dr. C. Shaji, Dept. of Botany
Dr. P.S. Preetha, Dept. of Botany
Dr. S. Sheeba, Dept. of Zoology


The debate club has been started with the sole purpose to encourage our students to develop a taste for literature and also work towards improving their language skills.
The objectives of the Club are:
1. Impart training in public speech.
2. Organize discussions and debates on topics of social relevance and current issues.
3. Conduct debates and elocution competitions. The following prestigious competitions are
held every year:
a. Sree Narayana Centenary Memorial All Kerala Inter-Collegiate Debate which is conducted during the third term every year. All Colleges in Kerala are eligible to depute two representatives to participate in the debate.
b. Dr. M. Sreenivasan Retirement Memorial All Kerala Inter-Collegiate Elocution Competition. This competition was instituted in 1980. Every college in Kerala is eligible to send one representative to participate in the competition which is held during the third term every year.
Co ordinator Sri. P.R. Jayachandran, Dept. of History
Members Sri.T. Abhilash, Dept. of Political Science
Dr. S. Jayan, Dept. of Malayalam
T.G. Ajaya Kumar, Dept. of English
N.Rishy N., Dept. of History
Dr. S. Mahesh, Dept. of Malayalam


The main objective of this club is to create awareness on energy conservation and environment protection.
Co-ordinator: T.R. Sarun Kumar, Dept. of Chemistry
Members: Dr. N. Ratheesh, Dept. of Botany
Greeshma. P., Dept. of Biotechnology
Dr. Chithra Vijayan., Dept. of Biotechnology
P.G. Bhavya Sree, Dept. of Physics


Health education club provide the students with the opportunity to learn, practice and share the attributes of a healthy life style through regular educational sessions dealing with different health topics.
Co ordinator : V. Prince, Dept. of Physical Education

Dr. K. Serji, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. S. Rijith, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Sajith.S.J.Sasi, Dept. of Hindi
P.G. Bhavyasree, Dept. of Physics


Literary club is a forum for encouraging the literary and critical activities of students. It provides them with a platform to present their creative endeavors before their peers and for encouraging intellectual interactions. It also takes initiates to conduct literary seminars, lectures and reading sessions with the participation of invited writers and academics.
Co ordinator: Dr. K.V. Sanal Kumar, Dept. of Malayalam

Dr. P.C. Roy, Dept. of Malayalam
U.Adheesh., Dept. of Malayalam
Arun Prasad, Dept. of English
Dr. B. Shaji, Dept. of Librarian


The media club helps to develop general knowledge, news and article information, use of media in academic purpose, constructive media usage, understand different media, etc. The activities of the club also help to develop creative thinking, analytic thinking, and general reading skills among students.

Co-ordinator Dr. R. Sunil Kumar, Dept. of Malayalam

T.Abhilash. T, Dept. of Politics
V. Baiju, Dept. of Physics
Parvathy Nand, Dept. of Commerce
Dr.Nisha Somarajan, Dept. of English
Dr.D.Preetha, Raj, Dept. of History


The purpose of the Nature Club is to develop an eco-friendly campus and to impart a new culture conducive to environment protection.
Co-ordinator:  Dr. Jisha S., Dept. of Zoology

Dr. B. Hari, Dept. of Zoology
P.Greeshma, Dept. of Biotechnology
Dr.N.Rathessh, Dept. of Botany
S.Viji , Dept. of English


Associated with District Tourism Promotion Council. The main objective of this club is to impart adequate awareness on Tourism development and promote tourism culture among the students.
Co-ordinator: Dr.G.Sajeev Kumar , Dept. of Physics

Dr.K.V.Sanal Kumar, Dept. of Malayalam
Dr.P.J.Praseeja, Dept. of Commerce

Dayana Sajjanan, Dept. of Commerce

R.Indu, Dept. of English

Co ordinator: Dr.S.V.Manoj, Dept. of Physics

S. Sreejith, Dept. of Physics
Dr. K. V. Sanal Kumar , Dept. of Malayalam
S.Viji , Dept. of English
Dr. B. Shaji, Librarian

The objectives of the science club are:
1. To promote interest, understanding and knowledge in science activities among students.
2. To develop interest in science and to develop skills in field work, research and project presentation.

Co-ordinator: Dr.G.Santhamma, Dept. of Physics

Dr.S.Narmada, Dept. of Mathematics

S.Srijith, Dept. of Physics
Dr.S.Vidhya, Dept. of Physics
Dr. S. Sheeba , Dept. of Zoology
Sri. K.R. Jiju , Dept. of Chemistry


The sports club organizes periodic matches and events to enable students to participate and compete in different sports and games. The objectives of the sports club are:
1. To maintain energy level and enthusiasm to improve sporting skills.
2. To develop various qualities like leadership, team work etc.
Co-ordinator: V. Prince, Dept. of Physical Education


Sujith Prabhakaran, Dept. of Physical Education

Dr.S.Rijith, Dept. of Chemistry

R. Prem Kumar , Dept. of English


Co-ordinator: U. Adheesh, Dept. of Malayalam

Dr. S. Sreedevi, Dept. of Botany
R.Jijo, Dept. of English

L.T.Liji, Dept. of History
Dr. R.S. Sheela , Dept. of Hindi
Dr.P.M.Joshy, Dept. of Political Science
P.V.Vivek P.V, Dept. of Mathematics