Year of Establishment : 1948

  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers.
  • Remedial Classes
  • Representation of faculty in university bodies
  • All members of the faculty are Ph.D. holders
  • Research centre with six guides and 11 Ph.D.s produced so far.

Brief History

B.A. Degree Course in Hindi was started in 1958 and M.A. Degree Course came in to being on 1965. The department is functioning as a Research Centre since 1989. Twenty One Research Scholars of the department obtained their Ph. D Degrees. Fourteen scholars now undergoing their Research Programme. The department conducted about 15 Research Projects. Fifteen students qualified NET. Two of the students have JRF. Three scholars obtained Aspire Scholarships. The U.G. And P.G Students of the usually obtain Ranks in the University Examinations every year.

            The Department has 10 Teachers and all of them are Ph.D Degree holders and most of them MPhil and NET qualified. Seven teachers are Research Guides of Kerala University. Many of the teachers got various kinds of Awards for their outstanding performance. About 60 Research papers owned by the departments. About 25 seminars were attended at National and International levels and presented papers on various topics. Most of the teachers are members of University Boards and also at the international level.

            The Department Teachers published eleven books in Hindi. The messages of the sages
Sree Sankaracharya and Sree Narayana Guru were translated in Hindi. The teachers now doing 3 Research projects. 5 Research projects were submitted. The department  conducted 10 State level seminars and 3 National Seminars.

            The Hindi department students stand in the forefront in arts, sports and games and cultural affairs. Gold, bronze medals in various sports competitions were obtained by some of them, Awards winning students adorn the department. The Students produced 3 short films. The students participated in ‘Parade’ at Delhi. The department students were the best in the final year university examinations of 2016 March/April. The students of the department secured 2nd to 10th rank in the final year examinations.

            As a vision to spread the National Language to every social groups. We teach spoken Hindi. There is search for socially backward to enable them to become teachers is the motto of this vision. We also conduct classes for Astrology as a course of extension.

Study Programmes Offered

  1. B.A. Hindi (Started in 1958)
  2. M.A. Hindi (Started in 1965)
  3. Ph.D.