Department Profile


Year of Establishment : 1948

  • Research department
  • Academic excellence
  • Presence of UGC Professor of Emeritus, Dr. D.C. Bose in the faculty
  • High pass percentage
  • Patent received by Dr. M. G. Biju, Asst. Professor of the Department

History of Department

The Department of Commerce was established in the college with Bachelor Degree in Commerce (B.Com) in the year 1955 and .The first Head of the Department and Professor in Commerce was Prof. Jacob.P. Mathew who retired in the year 1991 after his long and meritorious services to the Department. There were many eminent teaching personalities as faculty who were working in the department during the early period of its establishment. Some of them are Prof. K. Kumaran, Prof. C. K. Varghese, Prof. K. Anirudhan, Prof. L. Balachandran and Prof. K. Sudhakaran. The Department offered certain evening study programmes during the period from 1962 to 1972. They are:

  1. HDC Course (Higher Diploma in Commerce)
  2. NDC Course (National Diploma in Commerce) and
  3. DCP (Diploma in Commercial Practice)

Later the Government stopped such evening study programmes in affiliated colleges. The department started P.G course in Commerce in 1966. Again in the year 1999 the department was recognised as a Research Centre in Commerce by the University of Kerala. Now the department is a Post Graduate Department of Commerce and also a Research Centre.

The different Courses Programmes offered by the Department at present are:

  1. Degree Courses with Finance, Co operation and Tourism Electives
  2. Degree Courses with Finance and Marketing Electives
  3. PhD (Research in Commerce)


Study Programmes Offered

  1. B.Com (Started in 1955)
  2. M.Com (Started in 1966) 
  3. Ph.D.

Recent Academic Achievements

Devi Ajayan

III Rank in M.Com. University Examination


M. Amritha

III Rank in M.Com. University Examination


Nayeema Noushad

I Rank in M.Com. University Examination


Meenu SudharsananIV Rank in M.Com. University Examination2015-16
Anusha TVII Rank in M.Com. University Examination2015-16
Atheena PrinceU G C J R F (II MCom)2015-16
Ann Mary AlexanderU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
Fathima ShereefU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
V. PriyankaU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16
G. AnanduU G C NET (II MCom)2015-16